Tanzanian gets 14 years for human trafficking


A 48 year old Tanzanian man in Chitipa district has been sentenced to 14 years imprisonment with hard labour for being found guilty to have trafficked three Malawians to his country.

According to the Chitipa first grade magistrate who presided the case, Julius Kalambo the Tanzanian convict has been identified as Enos Mwafwinga.

human-trafficking-1-140203cFirst grade magistrate Kalambo said Mwafwinga committed the crime in October this year in the district.

He said the convict trafficked three Malawians aged from 14 to 21 years to his country where he promised them of good work.

He told the victims that they will be working in a bakwery in Dearslaam and promised them that they will be getting good payments up to 5000 shillings per month and 2 bags of fertilizer each.

Upon considering the hardships that Whave hit hard the country, the three victims accept the calls to leave the country for Tanzania.

The convict got arrested days after his wrong doing as some people tipped the police of the department. Passing his sentence, first grade magistrate Kalambo said the Tanzanian convict needed a stiffer punishment which could act as a warning to all the would-be offenders.

He then ordered Mwafwinga to stay in jail for 68 years but after analyzing the case properly, the convict was told to stay in prison with hard labour for 15 years.

Enos Mwafwinga hails from Mwanjerwa village in Mbombeya district in Tanzania.

The development comes barely month when a similar development happened where another Tanzanian got sentenced to ten years in jail for trafficking four people to work in tobacco estates.



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