Malawian youths asked to use contraceptives


Health authorities in Zomba have asked parents in the district to discuss with their children issues to do with sexual and reproductive health in a bid to reduce HIV/AIDS among the youths.

The statement has been brought forward by Zomba District Hospital’s Youth Officer Kate Mwandira.

Mwandira said many parents in the district do not discuss with their children such issues because of cultural believes.

StethoscopeShe expressed that this becomes an obstacle in the use of contraceptives methods available to the youths and other age groups.

“We have therefore suggested that we are going to work with parents to break these cultural believes,” she said.

Mwandira added that breaking cultural believes among the youths will help prevent them from contracting HIV/AIDS at a tender age.

In a related development, the National Association of People Living with HIV/AIDS in Malawi (NAPHAM) has called on young people in the country to use health friendly services available in the country’s hospitals in order to reduce HIV/Aids.

The organisation said HIV/AIDS in the country is high among young people hence there is a need to   control it.


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