21 November 2016 Last updated at: 10:50 AM

Livingstonia-Chitimba road project: girls told to avoid sleeping with road workers

Girls living in areas close to the under-construction Livingstonia-Chitimba road have been cautioned to take care of themselves and stop sleeping with construction workers.

As the common adage goes: “where there is development, there is destruction”, it has been observed that girls and women living near construction sites or roads that are being constructed are exploited by male construction workers due to carelessness and excessive love of money.

Road constructors mostly sleep with girls.

Road constructors mostly sleep with girls.

People working with construction companies have been finding sexual comfort in girls living within the proximity of construction sites.

In such areas, deadly diseases like HIV/Aids have been spreading at an alarming rate. Some girls have also been left to care for their children own their own.

Against this background, an organization under the umbrella body- Gender and Education Empowerment has been conducting a series of awareness campaigns within the areas of Livingstonia and Chitimba.

Programs coordinator for the organization, Samuel Bota, warned girls to desist from loving money and not to allow men to turn them into sex slaves.

Bota urged the girls to concentrate on their studies so that they make a good future, which will enable them find the money in future.

“Most of you, will see men coaxing you with money to sleep with them. I warn you, they already have wives and what they want is to ruin your future, please avoid them,” he said.

On his part, village headman Tafwakose Gondwe of the area hailed the organization for sensitizing girls on the dangers of sleeping with strange men.

He further urged the organisation to continue with the campaigns in other areas so that the lives of girls can be safeguarded.

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