Chikwawa South MP plans to take Govt. to task 

Malawi Parliament

As parliament reconvenes this afternoon the opposition Member of parliament for Chikwawa South, Illias Karim,says he will take government to task table crucial issues that are currently affecting the Malawians when he goes to parliament today.

Karim who is Peoples Party Legislator,said most Malawians have been affected hard with issues such as food insecurity,electricity blackouts,persistent water shortage and corruption,the problems which he said need to addressed immediately.

Malawi Parliament
Malawi Parliament convenes today.

“As you are aware that there a number of issues which are affecting our country at the moment which top of the list are hunger situation that has hit the Shire Valley and Chikwawa South in particular which need immediate attention. So I go to parliament I will push for these issues,”said Karim.

Among other businesses to be discussed during this 46th session of parliament which runs for four weeks,Members of parliament will discuss reports on bills that were referred to specific committees of the House.

Meanwhile,exceptions are high from opposition Mps on the re-tabling of the much-awaited Access to Information Bill (ATI).