Patriotic Malawian spends K200m to renovate health centre

Simbi Phiri
 A Malawian businessman  based in South Africa has renovated Tembwe health centre in Mchinji to the tune of K200 million.

Speaking during the handover ceremony, Simbi Phiri said that he decided to renovate the health centre because it was in a pathetic condition.

According to Phiri, being a person from Tembwe area he felt sad seeing the state of the health centre.

Simbi Phiri
Minister Kumpalume (Seated Centre) graced the event.

“As someone who comes from this area, Tembwe in Traditional Authority Mlonyeni, I felt bad when I saw the facility which was given to us by donors in a bad state. I thought I should contribute towards the community I come from and it has cost me four millions rands,” said Phiri who runs an engineering company in South Africa.

Speaking at the same function, Minister of Health Dr Peter Kumpalume hailed Phiri for funding the project and asked other Malawians to emulate.

Among others, the refurbishment of the health centre included construction or renovation of maternity wings, offices, new guardian shelter, water tanks and staff houses.



  1. And its not a health centre. A police station, CDSS and 30 KM tarmac road from his pocket. At least Malawi needs patriotic citizens like him.

  2. God bless Mr.A.Simbi abundantly than what he’s spending

  3. Thats english life my dear ippreciate ur effort lets not rely on donors thats whY africas are ending up in gay abortion change of syllabus

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  5. May Almighty Allah, bless this man for the great job he has done in his area, while the government has failled to revamp the hospital.

    1. Eee Mai Musakambe,.,,panopa He’s Constracting A 30km Tarmac Road From Guilleme Turn off To His Village,,and Every Man In His Village Either Educated Or Irritalate Went To Driving School With His Asstance And He Bought 8 Tractors For His Relatives And Two For The Whole Village,,,as Of Now The Chinese Company Is Busy Construction His Mansion In His Village.,,,bwanji Pamenepa?

  6. Indeed, we applaud this patriotic Malawi. We hope when it was done the other hand did not know. In the past such ventures were followed by the owner contesting for a political position.

  7. Mbale Wathu Mchewa Waphindu Osati Ngati Atumbuka Daily Kutukwana President Kuwafunsa Ngati Paokha Apangapo Kenakake Amangoti Ndi Ntchito YaBoma

    1. iwe ndiwe opusa kwambili ,mwayamba kusankhana ntundu ,ngati ulibe chonena osangosiya bwanji,?.we are all Malawians so iwe ukuti chani.ndiwe mbuzi.

      1. Iwe Massa Festus,ndiwedi Mchewa mutu wakowo ngati phwala la gule!

  8. Instead of blaming the gvt over everything, we can play an active role in making Malawi a better place . i congratulate this fellow who thought it wise not just to merely complain but do something to solve the problem he noticed.. its patriotism at best if you ask me

  9. Ndinava kuti amafuna kuti amange 20 floors upstairs building koma boma likumukaniza because of associated with the likes of Dr Chakwera and MCP is it true?

  10. thats gud!,siizi timaziona zomangot eeh boma yet they have the potential to change smethn! bravo mr

  11. While Idiot President is spending 100 million only for a car that can lead also to his death by accident shame on you bullshit congrant to that man keep it up

  12. Thats very good.Amalawi tikafuna kuthandiza osamadzera ku boma, ena m’bomamu kwawo ndi kukhotetsa ndalama.

  13. Thats very good.Amalawi tikafuna kuthandiza osamadzera ku boma, ena m’bomamu kwawo ndi kukhotetsa ndalama.

  14. Anthu andalama koma awa,koyamba kuva dzina komaso mbiri yake.Ndiye ma domestic worker ena azichita matama ngati amathandiza dziko,K100 000 pa week koma kuno ali ndi nyumba ya malata,ma window kuyikamo zitsaka ndi malata,ndikunena awa amapita ma buswa

  15. Very soon some politcians will hate this guy, thinks he wants to be a candidate in 2019 elections, even if he wants to stand on any position in 2019, hes got my vote cause we know for sure he is in it to develop malawi rather feeding from it.

  16. Kuchalira 2019 kumeneko,wabwera bho bola boma lisakusokoneze ngati mene anamuchitira uja ozitcha yekha munthu wa ambuye uja,amene amagawa matumba achimanga uyu amati billionair false miracle prophet

    1. Phiri. you dont knw him. khalani chete za ndale zsnuzo salotako. koma chifukwa chamaganizo oyipa ngati akowo boma likumukaniza kupanga zambiri. ndipo wakhala akunyengereredwa kuti alowe DPP koma amakana.

    2. 200m is lot of cash or Serving as MP for 5 years and more can’t accumulate such.
      He’s is a Capable Citizen and Not warming for Public Office. Has Passion of Helping l believe

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  18. Such pipo are needed in our country keep it up& you who live abroad take a look &do the same if you can manage.

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