New Malawian movie Dipoti to be released next year


A movie written and directed by first year students at Chancellor College at constituent college of the University of Malawi is expected to premiere early next year in the country, Malawi24 can reveal.

The movie which is called ‘Dipoti’ follows the release of a film known as ‘Adalakwanji’.

Speaking to Malawi24 on Friday, Charles Jingini who is the director, script writer and editor of the two films said Adalakwanji is an account of a true story of a boy (Khembo) who abandoned a girl after impregnated her.

Jingini has confirmed the news.

He said he wants to give lessons to those young boys who have a tendency of running away from being responsible for pregnancies they give to girls.

“Most times, stories are created to reflect the life style in the society and at the end, teaching moral values,” narrated Jingini.

However, Charles Jingini has called for concerted efforts from stakeholders so as to help skills of young directors in Malawi.

“There are talented young directors in Malawi and all they need is a chance and support, so let’s hold hands and support us,” said the Adalakwanji director.

Meanwhile, Film Association of Malawi (FAMA), Lazarus Mkandawire has described the new film as a positive contribution to the local film industry.

“Therefore, we need more materials to flood the market to increase our presence,” he said.



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  4. #1st year students? Cant you just say Secondary xul students. they are still learning additional maths and english language called communication after all.

  5. Just Encourage the good artists from our own soil don’t discourage them. Kodi simufuna kukhalako ndi luso locokera mziko lanu? Ma Nigeria mukuaona?

  6. iyi ndi nkhani yopasa chidwi kwambiri. that’s a good development 2 malawi as a nation. i myself am proud o u. gyz lets support our local artist

    1. Eti braza its obvious…ili poor movie-yi haha…eti ada ka yearo..ku America sawona,mene movie ku development imakhalila muja, mek a movie aint a joke….akucheza awa

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