Eight year old killed by reckless driver


An eight year-old girl has died after being hit by an overspeeding car as she was trying to cross the road in Mangochi district.

road accidentMangochi Police Deputy Public Relations Officer Amina has identified the girl as Mirriam Sauzande.

According to Daudi, the accident occurred on Friday at Mehbub Memorial School which is along Monkey Bay – Mangochi road. She said it involved a motor vehicle registration number BLK 3168 Nissan twin cab pick up, which was being driven by Mr Emmanuel Mpaso.

“He was driving from the direction of Monkey-Bay heading to Mangochi boma and upon arrival at Mehbub Memorial School due to overspeeding he hit a young girl Mirriam who was crossing the road from right to left side,” said Daudi.

Following the impact the girl sustained severe head injuries and died on the spot.

Mirriam hailed from Nansenga village, Traditional Authority Mponda in Mangochi district.

Meanwhile, Mangochi Police are urging all drivers to observe road signs and also to avoid overspeeding in order to reduce road accidents in the district.



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  3. Here In Malawi We Have Got Careless Drivers, Especially Minibus Drivers Ihate These Drivers So Much, But All In All May Her Soul Rest In Peace Drivers Learn To Drive Carefully Be Responsible.

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