Kudontoni laid to rest: Hailed as DPP pillar


President Peter Mutharika has hailed late Eckleni Kudontoni as one of the pillars of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) who brought tremendous changes in the party.

Mutharika who is also president of the DPP was speaking during the funeral ceremony of late Kudontoni at his home village in Salima.

He said Kudontoni, who until his death was the Secretary General of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party, was not greedy and his vision was to make the DPP party strong.

Mutharika pays his last respects to Kudontoni.

“Your death has shocked us. Why you? Why now? And what a way to go! Your life will always be remembered. Your death will never be forgotten. And we will keep memories of you forever,” said Mutharika.

“To all of us who knew you personally, you loved your party, you loved your family, and you loved you country. You dedicated your life to the party. You were a gentle force in the unity of the party,” added Mutharika.

The DPP president also hailed Kudontoni as a wise counselor who was always ready to fight for a good cause.

“We fought together, we were teargassed together during those days in the wilderness. This is our promise to you: We will fight the good fight you fought. We will fight for the prosperity of this nation.

“Four years ago, we lost Bingu, the Founder of our party, but we marched on. Today, we have lost you as our Secretary General, and we promise you, we will carry on with the cause you stood for,”Mutharika said.

Meanwhile, the president has set up a 5 million kwacha EcklenKudontoni Endowment Fund to honour the great politician.

Mutharika also pledged to support children and dependants of the late Kudontoni with their education needs up to university.

Kudontoni died on Thursday at Bua area as his Toyota Fortuner overturned several times after one of the tyres burst.