We earn peanuts, poets lament


Poets in the country have complained that they are receiving peanuts after holding shows even though poetry events are becoming popular among Malawians.

One of the well-known poets in the country Joseph Madzedze told Malawi24 that most of times the organisers promise the poets a lot of money yet after performing they get peanuts and not the agreed money.

Poet Joseph Madzedze laments getting peanuts.

In the interview, the Mayeso a kuusilikali poem composer said this is one of the reasons the industry is failing to progress.

“The problem with these organisers is that they forget that people come to the shows to be entertained by the poets not the organiser, so I would advise them to prioritise the welfare of the poets rather than their on things,” said Madzedze.

He also mentioned piracy as one of the major challenges the poets are facing.

He added that government does not show interest in promoting and protecting the local talent yet the decision makers also enjoy the poems with their children in their homes.

Madzedze has four albums in the poetry fraternity and they are Achikabudula volumes one, two, three and the recently released volume four.



  1. The only poet I know from Malawi is Q Malewezi, the rest are comedians.

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