Civo United frustrated over lack of games

Civo United

Central region based Super League team Civo Service United say they feel neglected after close to a month without playing any TNM Super League as they have not been given games.

The club’s last game was a 1-1 draw against Mzuni on 29th October, which means they are now clocking three weeks without any match on their table a development which worries the coach for the side Charles Manda.

Manda who spoke to one of the local media said this will affect the team’s performance in one way or the other taking into account that his players are just training without playing any game.

Civo United
Civo want more games. (File)

According to Manda, his players may be cheating themselves that they are in form with how they are playing on their own or with other small teams which is so scary to them with the position they are at now and considering how tight the 2016 TNM race is.

“It’s not fair that the players should be training close to a month without a game, this makes players to cheat themselves that they are perfoming yet they are not, they need to show how players are adjusting and how they are improving

“To us as Civo we are not doing well yes, but to say the truth SULOM is not fair to us, we need to be training for competition,”Manda explained.

Civo who are on position 14 and threatened to face chop in the country’s elite league have 21 points at their camp and have five games in hand to wrap up the season.

According to information, it shows their next game after this drought time of no match will be on Saturday of 10th December with Kamuzu Barracks at Civo stadium in Lilongwe.

After that game, the Area 9 based side will play against MAFCO FC, Nyasa Big Bullets, MTV Max-Bullets and Azam Tigers FC.



  1. Apa awoneza a nthambi ya za masewero kkkkkk akfna kuthesa matimu koma cilvo inapangaxo mistaken kushosa Osca Kawunda ngat siyisamala ulendo wa ku chipiku ligi bas

  2. Apa zigowonekelatu kuti sulom yalephela veep yawo anayika ma team 16 kuti nkhani ngati zicepe koma codabwisa ena asewela ma game ambili ena kumadandaula coci malawi sazatheka bola netball

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