ATM guard jailed for stealing customers’ money


Mangochi first grade court has sentenced a 31 year-old ATM guard at Opportunity Bank of Malawi (OBM) in the district to six years in prison for stealing customers’ money.

The guard, identified as KomaniNewa, took advantage of the trust the customers had in him to steal their ATM cards and withdraw money amounting to K330,000 from their accounts.

Prosecutor EffordKamphonje told court that in the month of July, Justin Bamusi and Belita William who are local farmers complained to Mangochi OBM branch that their money, K63,000 and K267,000, was missing in their accounts.

cuffsGloria Chumachao who is operations supervisor at OBM Mangochi made some follow ups and in the process she discovered that one day the two customers used the guard’s help to collect as well as well check their balances.

“But instead of only assisting them, the convict, swapped the victim’s ATM cards with expired ones belonging to other customers,”Kamphonje told the court.

The guard later used the ATM cards to withdraw money from the victim’s accounts as he knew their pin codes.

The suspect pleaded not guilty to the offence although bank cameras showed him doing the evil act. This forced the state to parade four witnesses.

Following the evidence the first grade magistrate Ronald M’bwana found the guard guilty of the offence of theft.

He then sentenced the guard to six years in prison saying the convict’s duty was to render assistance to customers and not stealing from them.

The convict hails from Newa village, Traditional Authority Chulu in Kasungu District.



  1. Is there any difference with cashgate 3yrs and 6yrs + – shame to the poor thats the world. But that was not your good solution to your poor salaries.

  2. Chilangochi chilibwino koma kungoti chachepa pang’ono, zimafunika zaka 10. Kubera munthu direct ndi mulandu waukulu poyerekezera ndi kubera boma kapena gulu la anthu. Cashgaters anaba ndalama za boma osati munthu mmodzi ayi, thats why akumangidwa zaka zochepa. Komanso tiyenera kudziwa kuti majaji ndi anthu ophunzira bwino pa ntchito yawo choncho amaganizira zinthu zingapo akamaweruza milandu mosasamala kanthu kuti mulanduwo ndi waukulu kapena wochepa bwanji. That’s why munthu amamangidwa zaka 7 chifukwa choba nkhuku imodzi. It depends, anabera ndani? kuti? motani? nthawi yanji?

  3. Uko ndy kupepela kwekweni aaaa kumubera otenga chonsecho pali zochuluka ukupadziwa kupusatu kumeneko ndinakakhala ine ndinakangonyamula ATM Machine-yo ulendo nayo pa den bas zangaphe.

  4. Alibe mulandu muturutseni ndalamura ndine.Mumange kaye nduna zikukayikiridwazo kenako iyeyo apo bii..Ndikuchotsani ntchito ma Judge pakukondera mukupangaku.Kungoti poti alibe m’bare m’boma mpaka 6 years?Anaba ma Billion angt?

  5. Its a lesson to other Guards to refrain from evil/stealling from custimers ngati ka salary kachepa try small scall businesses mukathels nazo ku Jelli

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  7. dont forget securiy proverb”SEND A THIEF TO CATCH A THIEF”so no secure without deploying namatetule,but sitidauzidwe kt ndi guard wa company yanji ya security?apa nde mangochi wakhwima,last year chibuku company mudabako ma billion eee ehe kwalini jhemanja yenu ayo.

  8. Ma guard ntchito yawo ndikuguardila inu mumauza kuti akuthandizeni kutenga ndalama osapita kwa manager bwanji? Muwona polekera angoyamba

  9. If he was dolo why he didn’t steal direct from the machine he use to stay with ATM all the tym but waiting for others to withdraw for him ,that’s stupid wel done to mr judge

  10. Mbuzi imadya pomw aimangirir,poor malawian bwoy u babilonz wer dd u get yo system 4rm??ena kuba millionz bt ua letn dem fre den ua bzy wit xom1 kping hundrez may Jah tak wtch pon u til u fac trial…DUTTY Pipo xo calld govt

  11. Sorry brother, we work before earning something, so don’t just do some shortcuts to have what you want. That is called stealing. & its wages is punishment,

  12. Ya Six Yearz 4 Money Not More Than A Million ryt??But Sum 1 In Govt Stealz Millionz,& He/she Is Jailed 4 3 Yrz Then The Person Ez Released After Serving Only Half Of The Little Sentence.Ez That Fair?

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