18 November 2016 Last updated at: 9:42 PM

Nsanje Court convicts ‘hyena’ Eric Aniva

The First Grade Magistrate court in Nsanje district has found Eric Aniva, a man who has been sleeping with over 100 girls and widows through sexual cleansing rituals guilty.

He has since been convicted of two counts which are indulging in harmful cultural practices contrary to section 5 sub section 1 and 2 of the Gender Equality Act of 2012 and attempting to engage in cultural practices.

Eric Aniva Malawi HIV positive man given K2000 to sleep with children

Eric Aniva;Found guilty.

Lawyer representing  Aniva, Michael Goba Chipeta, pleaded with the court not to give a stiff punishment to his client saying besides being first offender to commit such an offence, he was doing the malpractice on the influence of the community.

“Your Worship, the conviction to my client has been welcomed. However, being the first offender and again he was doing this under the influence of the community, I think Mr Aniva doesn’t deserve a stiff punishment, “queried Chipeta.

Speaking to Malawi24 in an interview, Michael Chipeta has threatened to appeal to against the ruling which is scheduled for next week, November 22 .

Aniva who is commonly known as the ‘Nsanje hyena’, was arrested on July 24 on president Peter Mutharika’s order soon after he confessed to BBC that he has been sleeping with over 100 girls and widows through sexual cleansing rituals.

Throughout his court proceedings, Aniva has been denied access to bail a development which angered some quarters in the country including Civil Society organisations.

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