Nsanje Court convicts ‘hyena’ Eric Aniva


The First Grade Magistrate court in Nsanje district has found Eric Aniva, a man who has been sleeping with over 100 girls and widows through sexual cleansing rituals guilty.

He has since been convicted of two counts which are indulging in harmful cultural practices contrary to section 5 sub section 1 and 2 of the Gender Equality Act of 2012 and attempting to engage in cultural practices.

Eric Aniva Malawi HIV positive man given K2000 to sleep with children

Eric Aniva;Found guilty.

Lawyer representing  Aniva, Michael Goba Chipeta, pleaded with the court not to give a stiff punishment to his client saying besides being first offender to commit such an offence, he was doing the malpractice on the influence of the community.

“Your Worship, the conviction to my client has been welcomed. However, being the first offender and again he was doing this under the influence of the community, I think Mr Aniva doesn’t deserve a stiff punishment, “queried Chipeta.

Speaking to Malawi24 in an interview, Michael Chipeta has threatened to appeal to against the ruling which is scheduled for next week, November 22 .

Aniva who is commonly known as the ‘Nsanje hyena’, was arrested on July 24 on president Peter Mutharika’s order soon after he confessed to BBC that he has been sleeping with over 100 girls and widows through sexual cleansing rituals.

Throughout his court proceedings, Aniva has been denied access to bail a development which angered some quarters in the country including Civil Society organisations.



  1. ‘U do NOT judge’ first ask judge of the judges for the truth. If that is the case there are so many people to be arrested including chiefs. Where are these more than 100 complainants?.sorry to be poor. Thanks to the first judge who quit the case.

  2. I dont see any good reason for this man to be arrested. Anthuwa ndi mwambo wawo, moreover, sanachite kugwiririra ayi. Amachita kumuitana kuti adzagwire ntchito monga mwa chikhalidwe chawo ku Nsanje ko. Then, if this is the case, parents and mafumu akumeneko must also be netted.

  3. What about the culture itself, have banned it? You might send the hyena to jail today but if the tradition will maintain, one day another person will do it again. To extinguish fire you target the base of it and not the flames.

  4. You mean all along you didn’t know that there is this sought of cultural practices being performed among other tribes in some parts of the country? I mean you the Judges, why being unfair then to such an innocent man who was just preserving his culture not to lose his Identity? This needs a reconsideration

  5. Lero ndiye wayipa?Zayamba liti zimenezi..Mukufunanji mwa iye.Mafumu akuchigwaku mwawasiyiranji osawamba?Makoro awanawo nanga ku khothi mwawatengera?Ulemu kwa Aniva kamba kobwera poyera ndicholinga kt nchitidwewu utheretu.

  6. Afera za dziko, Lord have mercy. Denying him even bail, where can he run away to or compromise with witnesses. I don’t know what would have happened if he was he opulently rich like some of the tycoons we have in Malawi

  7. Scapegoat they should fix those cultural practices ,will they also convict those who paid him? Window dressing …… Magistrates should also not succumb to the outside pressures…. Apply the law accordingly

  8. Even here in South Africa, there are many Bandas, Phiris, Nyirendas, just to mention afew, but when you ask them if they know Chichewa they’ll reply to you, in Zulu or Xosa. So when you ask where did you get this your sir name. They’ll say our great grand Father was from Malawi, Bt by that time was called Nyasaland. So, did you visited Malawi?? They say No!!! So, don’t just shout the hole Tumbukas, maybe, he is just caring that sir name bt he grew up in other cultures even country.

  9. #@Ada Chikoti “Why they are busy shouting &challenging tribalism” in Malawi, don’t you know that nowadays, there is man wondering from south, to north &from east to west. And he can get awife some where else & have some children there, so why you are busy shouting Tumbukas from north.

  10. Mlakho wa a Sena. Koma chikhalidwe ichi chitiphetsa. Koma chikhalidwe chimayamba ndi mafumu ndiye bwanji mafumu sanawanjate coz amalandira kenekake from those peolple as a fee. Man guilty but somehow not guilty.

  11. Eish! Koma mkulu ameneyu bwanj? Ma sperms ake anazaza mtundu wanji, kwinako ndiye amango kodza mafinyatu. Nanga mpakana 100 lamulo ligwile mtchito bas.

  12. He is guilty not because of cultural practices but because he KNOWINGLY had unprotected sex while being HIV positive. Were his victim or clients properly informed of his HIV Status were they willing to face a possible death sentence of being infected by this man.

    No man or woman with HIV can have sex with another whether using a condom or unprotected without informing their partner they are HIV positive.

    For this reason alone he should be put in jail for 7 years or more.

  13. Aniva siwolakwa bcoz amakampeza kwawo ali phee kuti agwilire ntchito imene iye amaidziwa,oti amangidwe ndi makolo a atsikanawo chifukwa chopeleka ana awo kuti agwilidwe ntchitoyi,aniva sanagwilire munthu koma amachita kumvana.

  14. Eventhough am nt ajudge, bt Aniva is nt guilty bcoz he was being used by the parents of those gals prompted by their cultural stupidity.
    I hope the judge has nt declared him guilty following his sections at all, bt following the national interest and the world at large.

  15. Ine kwanga ndi pempho kwa Ochewa ndi Alomwe nonse siyani makhalidwe opusa ndi onyansa ngati amenewo. Ngati ndi umbuli pitani Ku mpoto mukaphunzire. Muli ndi miyambo yoipa yokhayokha monga kulowa kufa, gule, chinamwali, ufisiwo ndi zina. Anthu oipa inu

  16. Look how it come out he was confessing kuti things has to change in the course of that BBC took it seriously that prompted the HE to order the arrest .Am hoping so he gonna be a pioneer for a change let him be given a suspended sentence like a Thyolo encrocher .who claims to own his own Malawi

  17. Koma guys enawo anagona nawo when the law was not enforce and he is claiming that it was part of their culture now tisakambe zambiri coz I think the presiding officer will consider all those factors am seeing him being given suspended sentence .

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