18 November 2016 Last updated at: 9:25 AM

Malawi pleads for support on climate change mitigation

Malawi has pleaded for support on climate change mitigation following serious effects of the phenomenon that have been hitting the country since 2015.

The call comes at a time when Malawi has faced effects of climate change despite minimal activities that has led to the trend.

Yanira Ntupanyama

Yanira Ntupanyama: We need support.

Speaking at 22nd Conference of Parties (COP 22) at Marrakesh in Morocco on Thursday, Principal Secretary for the Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining Yanira Ntupanyama said Malawi has zero record of contribution on the serious effects of climate change.

Ntupanyama added that first world countries must consider supporting poor countries on the challenges that they face due to climate change.

“Malawi needs support in form of finance for adaptation, transfer of appropriate technology, and capacity building so that we are able to implement interventions that would enhance the resilience of our productive sectors and ecosystems that are negatively affected by these extreme climate events,” said Ntupanyama.

She further called for need to have urgent action on the face of escalating threats to humankind the change in the average weather pattern has brought.


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