Tough times in Malawi: Limbe shop workers to protest over low salary


Limbe shop workers to protest over low salaries Limbe shop workers have threatened to demonstrate against shop owners who have not effected a new salary structure the workers agreed with the bosses.


Limbe shop workers angry over unrevised salaries.

The Limbe Workers Union and the Limbe business community agreed this year in September to increase the salary by 27.7 percent effective October.

However, to the surprise of some workers in Chinese owned shops, their employers did not effect the new agreed salaries last month.

Information has revealed that instead of being given their salaries with 27 percent added on it, a good number of some workers got fired without proper reasons.

It has also been established that the employers, after firing their workers, recruited some new workers with the aim of making sure that the salary increment is not effected.

According to the Secretary for Limbe Workers Union Christopher Maliro, they are totally dismayed by the development and they will take action very soon.

Maliro said if nothing will change, Limbe shop workers will on November 21 conduct industrial and peaceful demonstrations in exercise of their rights.

“Other Indians and some other Chinese shop owners in Limbe have increased their salaries but others have not. We talked to them to raise the salaries but most of them have vehemently rejected our calls. So, our decision now is that we want to go to the ground to do demonstrations. Some Chinese shop owners say they want first to talk to their lawyers and if the lawyers agree, they will raise the salary,” said Maliro.

He further said the most painful thing on the development is the firing of some of their workmates and added that it is very worrisome that the new employees are receiving the old salaries which according to him the money is just too low.

In 2014, a similar development happened where shop owners demonstrated against their bosses after misunderstanding on the same salary issue.



  1. Ayeesha, you have said alot of senseless things here. What you have to know is, Malawi is not there, because of the Asians, but Asians, are there because of Malawi.
    Not what you are vomiting here.
    I think you (Asians) are the people who are known by preaching about Love. You pray countless times in a day, you also go to the Mosque daily.
    When going to the mosque, what ddo you do there?
    Practice what you preach sister. Don’t deceive God in a such away.
    Love your neighbour as you love yourself.
    This salary issue that has been tackled on this page, concerning your workers, it is an issue that could be solved amicably, if you have the spirit of understanding.
    But the way you are saying, it indicates that, you are taking chances over them.
    If you are a God fearing woman, I optimistic, you are going to put this issue into consideration.

  2. And u will see how the police will respond. They will take all of them to Limbe police,beat them, brutalised and steal money from them. All in favour of the Chinese and Asians. They never loved a fellow Malawian

  3. Ayesha saeed your talking nonsense your the one who does not pay nicely amwenye ķupondeleza ziķo siliķupita patsogolo

    • Not at all and the reason why im sayin its not beneficial to raise there salary is coz , they do limited , and im givin my opinion or else , if i see other malawians pay them after an entire month , so stop judging me

  4. Thats why Robert Mugabe, and late Idih Ayimin from Uganda ceased all the shops in the hands of foreigners and gave it to citezens to own those shops, these foreigners should work from us not we should work from them, Idih Ayimin Said ” My people can’t be slaves in their own land ” and even Mugabe spoke the same words. Our goverment can’t do anything, we have too much respect in foreigners, no wonder amayakhula ma mwano ndikumati ” Dziko ndiwanu, ndalama ndiwathu”, anajayila, timafasa mopusa. Let us wake up malawians, its time for ceasefire, for how long are we gonna remain like this, we are slaves in our own mother land, lets cease these shops from them and own them, we can promote ownership!

  5. That Is Good Move&i Support It,we Ar Tired On U Ar Take As Foreners&our Minister Of Labour Is Fully Corrupt,indian Peoples Ar Take As Aslave But U Should To Know That One Aday We Will Have Mass Demostration,evn Go To Cross~roads U Find The Trulth Of This Matter.

  6. But the shop workers have already been paid more than enough , and they do limited job , so the salary they are being paid now is brilliant , no need for this protest its useless , and its better that they are happy on this matter , coz if they had worked hard before they would be in offices and not working in shops, so stop arguing on this matter

  7. time n money works hand in hand. and these boses know that too n yet they tend to ignore their workers living affair . zinthu zikusintha nthawi yinailiyonse koma malipilo ayi . #good_move

  8. And what is the Malawi govt through the Ministry of Labour doing on this matter.? Have they been bribed already by these chineese people.? I have never in my life seen a dormant leadership than this that we have in Malawi now. There are no real issues and challenges that Malawians are facing that you discuss. Workers are are still not cared for. Shame….. We are changing all this very this space.

  9. Amwenye osunga Ndevu amatizuza samafuna kulipira mokwanira ndipo amakhara ngati ndi abere limodzi osauka tidziona tikakwiya atenga munthu wina ayikapo potiofuna ntchito ndiambiri mavuto alipo

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