17 November 2016 Last updated at: 3:08 PM

Tough times in Malawi: Limbe shop workers to protest over low salary

Limbe shop workers to protest over low salaries Limbe shop workers have threatened to demonstrate against shop owners who have not effected a new salary structure the workers agreed with the bosses.


Limbe shop workers angry over unrevised salaries.

The Limbe Workers Union and the Limbe business community agreed this year in September to increase the salary by 27.7 percent effective October.

However, to the surprise of some workers in Chinese owned shops, their employers did not effect the new agreed salaries last month.

Information has revealed that instead of being given their salaries with 27 percent added on it, a good number of some workers got fired without proper reasons.

It has also been established that the employers, after firing their workers, recruited some new workers with the aim of making sure that the salary increment is not effected.

According to the Secretary for Limbe Workers Union Christopher Maliro, they are totally dismayed by the development and they will take action very soon.

Maliro said if nothing will change, Limbe shop workers will on November 21 conduct industrial and peaceful demonstrations in exercise of their rights.

“Other Indians and some other Chinese shop owners in Limbe have increased their salaries but others have not. We talked to them to raise the salaries but most of them have vehemently rejected our calls. So, our decision now is that we want to go to the ground to do demonstrations. Some Chinese shop owners say they want first to talk to their lawyers and if the lawyers agree, they will raise the salary,” said Maliro.

He further said the most painful thing on the development is the firing of some of their workmates and added that it is very worrisome that the new employees are receiving the old salaries which according to him the money is just too low.

In 2014, a similar development happened where shop owners demonstrated against their bosses after misunderstanding on the same salary issue.

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