We need Mutharika to intervene – Polytechnic students

Mutharika facing impeachment calls

Students at the Malawi Polytechnic, a constituent college of the University of Malawi, have asked President Peter Mutharika to wake up from his slumber and intervene in the wrangle at the institution so that the college should be reopened.

Speaking to Malawi24, Polytechnic Students Union (PSU) president Frank Mchupuka Msiska said the president is a role model to them and he is a person who understands the importance of education.

Frank Msiska
Frank Msiska: We want the President to help us.

“We need the president to come in and intervene in the reopening of the Polytechnic as the chancellor of universities in the country and an academician who understands the importance of education,” said Msiska.

He added that he believes the president will act accordingly as he is aware that everyone has the right to education.

Msiska also trashed claims that Polytechnic students like protesting over slightest provocation quoting John Kerry who said “in a dangerous world, war is an option sometimes, but it should never be the first option.”

“Polytechnic has a new generation where war is not the first option, we believe that negotiation should be adopted whenever disputes arise,” he said.

Mutharika facing impeachment calls
Mutharika asked to push for Poly opening.

Msiska also said that it is a constitutional right for every citizen to demonstrate and whenever they protest they have tangible reasons to do so.

He however said it is a waste of resources to keep students at home and as students, they are watching closely and if Mutharika as their chancellor is not willing to help them they will look at ways to safeguard their rights.

Msiska also complained that the University of Malawi council lied to them after they had a meeting as they said the date for opening the Polytechnic will be communicated but up until now nothing has been said.

The Polytechnic was set to open on 10th October, 2016 but the opening was deferred after the students obtained an injunction to stop the college from implementing a fees hike during the current academic year.

The Polytechnic administration claimed that PSU and the Unima Council needed to sort out the fees hike matter before the college could be opened.



  1. Eeeee ddt know til now that Poly got so many haters. But u guys are forgetting one thing. Asking APM, doesn’t mean we want him to address our issue. Koma it’s just one way of informing him and the general public that Poly will open, with or without APM. Komaso judging from your comments, most of you did not go through the whole passage. Information underload is what is affecting your reasoning. Do you think this is the first time for Poly to be crossed? Basi muziti akhaula aona. No way!! Poly will open & boma likapangaso zopusa sitikaimvaso. Imeneyo nde Poly. KaHater ndiwe kachani!! Poly will prevail!!

  2. Guys with our dependency syndrome don’t think the world will be like this for ever. With Brexit and coming in of Trump, other dependency and economic transactions are becoming hard e.g. use of British Pound Cheque and relying on US security by some countries. There is need to develop spirit of self reliance. The problem with some of the leaders recommended as great more than Kamuzu, Bingu and Peter is that they brainwashed us a lot. They made us believe that government is the source of everything and we should not contribute to anything attached to it rather than stealing from it, hence the birth of cashgate. No wonder we get used to free ride in anything owned by government and plunder whatsoever comes to our nose. People failed to learn after these guys failed to buy all of us shoes and fertilizer. Since their ascendancy to power education standards have dwindled, but still we seem not concerned. Someone with wide experience in education and highly respected world wide in academic circles is trying to bring back the lost education glory, but we are scorning him. There is no way we can have great people if we only rely on theory. Engineering and science need great investment; these guys need practical as well. The class of dull leaders who brainwashed us should not rule again. It’s interesting to see how people defy family planning because they were brainwashed that number of children should not worry them the fees and other necessities is the duty of the government and donors to provide. Now look at the situation we are: UNIMA which was once the best university you can hardly find it in the best top 100 African universities and its learning environment is a shame: no books in Library, blocked toilets, smashed window panes, no chairs etc. Our pride was thrown to our ignorance and rushing for free things. During multiparty campaign people including the clergy labeled Kamuzu as selfish and autocratic. The guy who was making people pay fees and taxes, and that he was throwing away food to dogs while his people were dying and anguishing in poverty. People were brainwashed that fertilizer and shoes were supposed to be for free. For fertilizer only starter packs were given, but instead of bringing food security hunger was the order of the day and more people were dying. JB was the queen of plunders and some sick brain is cherishing her as wonderful. What a shame!!! Mmayesa mumadalira khothi, bwereranikoni wamva mtumbuka Msiska iwe. Inu mungamakamang’alire ma scholarships kuti azilipira k55000 m’malo mwa k400000. Mtundu uwu ndiopanda mzerudi.

  3. nkumazilephelesa dala kukhonza timayeso tanuto kuti mukukhutako ku sukuluzanuzo apa mukhaula basi palibe kuopseza muisova

  4. why is he a Chancellor ? Which universities ? What are his roles as Chancellor ? that he can say no to problems facing universities !

  5. We are tired of your useless Demos, mumangoti mukatenthedwa m’ mimba basi mwati mumatche as if you know anything chokhudza kuyendetsa dziko. Keep the fire burning Mr President, we want them to see the worst of you. Phada musiye anyaphaphi inu, mxiiii!!!

  6. Mumakatenga ma injuction munamuuza peter yo? Mukufuna ikasegulidwa muzisiya zophuzila kumapitaso ku court ndi ku miseu ku ma demo.

  7. mwakhaula nawo njala makomo mwa makolo anuno,panu muti sukulu cholinga muzikakhutano kenako potupidwa ndi nyemba za mafuta amu transformer mudzikozelano mbare potchinga nsewu ngati mwayamba sukulu ya ukachenjede muno ndinu.fotseki makape nonse

    1. nowadays aliyese akudzidyetsa mma public varsities, no kind of the beans u r mentioning and Mr President must indeed work up in his slumber

    1. sakunama mumangothamangira ma demo zilizonse mmalo moti muzikambirana kaye ndi boma to see the way forward………nanga apa akumva kuwawa ndani????

    2. Trumpson vuto la a Malawi mumaona ngati mukapita ku unima nde kut ndinu madolo..ngat muli madolo muziyambitsa ma company anu osamangodalira boma apa.

  8. Inu amalawi azanthu akuvutika kutanzania uko agwidwa 250 ndipo ali kundende mwenz wamawa akayamba kuwalimitsa minda ngat akaid plz auzen a prsdnt achitepo kanthu apeter, ngat akhale chete kuyamba january chaka chamawa tikuthamangitsa ma swahilians kuyamba kukalonga ogwidwayo nafe azilipira k20 million apo ai ndinthawi yaboma kupeza akaidi olima chimanga chothandizira malawi wanthu bye .

  9. In science lesson teacher asked Mussa, Mussa, if u ar given a chance to travel through time, what will u do? Mussa, I will go back in 1940 and find Peter Muthalika father’s and giv him condom

  10. mwaifunano sukulu pano mutatopa ndi kulima mbuzi inu manyi mumapanga aja mumaona ngati adzikunyengelerani asatsegule mutithandidzebe kulima mpaka tikolore mmaso mwanu

    1. If u didn’t vote for him u either voted for a candidate from ur district or region or someone who a prominent figure from ur region was a member to the party or even a running mate. Simple. Don’t blame those who voted for him.

  11. If the government was serious about education they would do the following

    Immediately stop paying teachers and lecturers once a sit in is called

    After 2 weeks without negotiation in act a law to force the teachers to return to work or face dismissal,

    At the moment the only losers are students, yet they pay fees

    Shame on this President who was once a professor and knows the importance of education for not invoking an immediate back to work law on the teachers,

    The government can negotiate a future increase in pay and apply to arrears, but no they do nothing, but continue to pay all facility members including teachers for doing nothing. A good holiday for them

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