Be entrepreneurs – Mutharika tells University graduates


Malawi President Peter Mutharika has urged university graduates in the country to be creating jobs on top of occupying jobs.

Mutharika made the remarks on Wednesday at Bingu International Convention Centre (BICC) during the first congregation of Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (Luanar).


Mutharika speaking the graduation ceremony.

In his speech, Mutharika said that the country needs graduates who can become entrepreneurs and future business leaders.

“We need graduates who can aggressively participate in our direct investment program. We are mobilizing investors because we need to expand the private sector and create more jobs,” Mutharika said.

“For a long time, Malawi has been the government of big government and small private sector. I want to change that and it must be the other way round. Therefore we must all be poised to take our positions in that new setup,” added Mutharika.

According to the Malawi leader, everyone today when they finish school think of being employed.

“But if everyone wanted to be employed by someone else, there would be no one to employ others,” He said.

Commenting on the public universities that are currently closed for the first time, Mutharika said that University Councils are responsible to solve such issues since government gave them mandate to run these universities.

He also said that another reason for the current situation is the resistance to reforms on the part of leaders at the universities.

“When I came to lead this country, we promised to do business unusual, we promised to think outside the box and that is my expectation from every Malawian.

“We cannot improve the quality of education by financing it the same way we have financed it for the last fifty years. Our universities will never change unless we change our culture of thinking. The essence of education is changing how we think,” Mutharika said.

This was the first congregation of Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources since they combined Bunda and Natural Resources College campuses to be under Luanar umbrella.



  1. Thazs way many Malawian gone to south Africa to earns there living coz or uphuzire pamalawi umatha kukhala uli ndi degree for many years no chance for job

  2. The president is right . Personally i feel most times we malawians go to school with the hope of getting a good job . we should go to school to enable us to open our minds to be creative and build other sources of income apart from just working for someone as the main goal.

  3. Yes youths are ready give them the necessary support they need. I agree with the president for the first time, we don’t go to university to be employed but it should delive us to ideologies that will enable youths create employment, by being SMES etc in agriculture, manufacturing.

  4. Wy he cant quit politics and become an enterpreneur too after failing to run the country?Malawians wil alwyz run away from their homeland to other foreign countries for green pasture bcoz its beter to suffer in a foreign country than in ur own home land.Ukatha mano sumaswa phale

  5. Ladies and gentlemen,its quite pathetic to see people who are graduates here producing words of mockery to presidents speech.Its so sad to see that malawi ‘s top 5 universities are producing over 3000 graduates every year but the country is in absalute poverty.Its sad to see graduates hunting for a direct white collar job from there graduated course.The president speech was quite right,govt has done its part.I guess its hightime university graduants got to come up with there own creativity to atleast aleviate the jobcrisis!
    Well if poverty is the bottom line conclussion that the graduates cnt create jobs then its automatic enterpreneurship is the way out.Mind you school,goes with knowledge,knoledge with integrity,integrity with self determination.So if u opt to go with school only,then mapeto ake ndiomwewa kunyoza basi.Maiko ngati zimbabwe anthu ndiophunzila kwambili koma umphawi ngosayamba.Nkutheka kuti pena anzathu ophunzilanu simukuthandiza pogwilitsa ntchito nzeluzanu zaukachenjedezo.Mumadzipatsa malile pakagwilitsidwe ntchito kanzeluzanu hence kumaonangat boma silikuthandiza pomwe vuto ndinu amene!!

  6. to start business, you must have capital tu bwana! and its so hard for those frm less preveledged people to access bank loans for business.

  7. retirement should really be without exception. people are paid for nothing at all just sitting in offices. four years plus and you start with entrepreneurship! why not use these milions we pay you(cashgate) for investments. head!

  8. If u cant get a capitol, then stay home and face the life demands. Zomati ma newly graduates alibe capitol, where is this coming from? Some of us have grown from a 5000 kwacha business. People can have this money, but u r too smart to start small businesses. U look for management positions in this poorest country. I c nothing wrong to ask the newly graduates to be interprenuers. Buy the way, if ur brain is not fit to find a way of raising a small amount to start business, u don’t deserve to be an intellectual. U can call the president all those names but he is one of the highly learned few individuals in Africa and he is not the one who will suffer if you are not innovative. It’s u and ur family, so pull up your socks; dust yourself off and start working for yourself. Muzingolira choncho power ena dziko momwemo are becoming billionaires chifukwa cholimbikira and the gov’t neva gave them capitol

  9. The students are paying a lot of xul fees @ university so that they will get jobs after finishing their studies not everyone can become an entrepreneur the xul fees for 1 semester is arleady a capital for someone to run a business so what’s the use of going to university if you won’t get a job if you finish your degree.

  10. Thus a very gd idea Mr president. The only problem with us malawian is want a white collar jobs. Yes its high time we start 2 invest in our own business. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

  11. Muthalika thinks,graduates can start business without capitol.Strange.And as a Chancellor he has no duty to play on the closure of universities.Statements from an imported Turtle.

  12. Muthalika thinks,graduates can start business without capitol.Strange.And as a Chancellor he has no duty to play on the closure of universities.A statement from an imported Turtle.

  13. Wachitika bwanji @Pitala,ine kulima zaka sikisitini kugulitsa ziweto mwakathithi kuti mwana ana aphunzire kuti angadzagwire ntchito m’boma nandipumitsa ine kulimaku lero nde inu mukuuza ana kuti yambe bizinesi yayo osati ayembekezere kulembedwa ntchito,,,w h i c h m e a n s azigulitsa chimanga fodya wanga nkalima zoona izi????nanga nde pali kupuma kulima kuja yapa….khasu si game yoti nkumalifoyilira kuti nde dhilu ngati mpira madala ngati sudziwa

    • AN American crook of all crooks, kuba anayamba Bakili, kutabwera mkulu wache Bingu, zinthu zinaipa,
      Kulowamo JB, mpaka kuulula chinsinsi chobera ndalama zabima.
      Bamboyu Ali pa omission yogwetsa dziko osati kutukuka Malawi

    • Don’t say anything about Bingu, it shows that u r educated savage, look the way he developed the country from 2005-2009 Malawi was the second fast developing country in Africa

      Ngati Bingu wanuyo anakonzadi zinthu, bwanji mng’ono wacheyo waligwetsa choncho dzikoli?
      Kuba anayamba Bingu, ndalamaa za boma milumilu Ku mabanki akunja mpakaso masakamasaka amabanknotes Ku state house, zinapita kuti ndalama zonsezo?
      Bamboyu akupitiriza pomwe anatsirizira mkulu wache kuseseratu Chuna cha boma,
      Joyce Babda atalowa upresidenti anamkanira kuti aulula chinsinsi cha DPP momwe amabera ndalama za boma, nchifukwa chache nayenso anabapo ndalamazo
      Mafunso awa iwe J.J. Soya uwaganuzire.
      1. Bwanji Peter Mtalika akulephera kuulula nduna zache zokhudzidwa ndi Cash gate scandal?
      2. Bwanji Peter Mtalika akulephera kumumanga Joyce Banda kumtumira ma Interpol?
      3. Bwanji Peter Mtalika akuzenga mlandu ya cash gate kwa okhawo anali mu PP administration system?
      General J. Odilo.
      Advocate Ralph Kasambara
      Ine ndi kuti na bamboyu ndi nonse amene mukuuwauwanu mulipa omission yogwetsa Malawi,
      Bingu Mtalika anaba Chuma chankhaninkhani, kuposaso Bakili Muluzi ndi Joyce Banda, mng’ono wachenso ali pakalikiliki waza katangale,
      Ndani sadziwa makonzedwe a DPP?
      Ndatayo, ndalama zache anabisa kuti anazitenga kuti kumangira manda?
      Ngakhale a Dr. Banda manda ache safikaponso
      Casablanca yo kuposa state House mpaka pano ndalama zache sanaliudze dziko lonse kumene anazitengera chumacho,
      Alick Kaumba comment yache ndikugwirizana Nayo almost 300%, kuti,
      He came back to Malawi to loot Malawi’s resources.
      Where and when did he declared his worthy to the Malawians?
      Bingu Bingu, chiani APA, mwatikolora ndithu,
      Positive change must follow in 2019!

  14. kkkk…i thot ndine ndekha ndikuona mbwelera mu speech ya mdala wathuyu…..kkk…All the comments r on my side….et Entrep-ship chonsecho wakweza anthu akulephera kuphunzira…No money fo food etc….capital anthu akaitenga kut?…ma bank athu nawo interest amangokweza ngat mmene iyeyo akukwezera zinthu….

  15. its time that Malawians should accept the reality and become innovative. this is a clear message that every Malawian at any level should start thinking big,we have been dreaming for 50 plus years that is why Malawi has always been the same.if we continue thinking the same way our fathers did and keep on doing things the way we have always been doing then we should stop thinking of better days coming.nothing comes as a surprise, everything we see today its because someone had to think and work for it.lets change our system of thinking and doing things,we should stop cursing our nation by calling it names like a landlocked etc.i do believe if we work hard for the love of our nation we can make it a better place for everyone,its time we should stop pointing fingers at people because that has not helped us for years.

    • u seem to hv 4goten abt these selfish politicians….Most malawians work hard .they rily try…but the leaders we hv/hv bin having r ful of greed…very selfish…Angodya tax wathu….Ana awo akuphunzira kunja…kwa ife azatiuza za entrep-ship with no capito….Banks interest yili high panopa…zinthu zikukwerera mtengo daily

  16. The old man has really lost it, i thought enterprenuership is a choice, and how can a person with just a degree be an enterprenuer in this kind of ecomonical enviromemt, the simple solution in reducing work problem is to realese all people in civil service who has reached their retirement age and are still working to creat room for others.

    • Iwe nde you are the most foolish graduate can u say creating Jobs is not a good thing,dnt u know that during harsh conditions thats the best time to make good choices ?Malawi will never develop if you are the kind of people holding degrees.UNIMA inali kale but this,mbatata zokhazokha

    • And to those who have liked this comment i got one good word for you.If you hate a person dont let that hate blind you from hearing the truth.Ma graduate aku malawi needs another 4 years in Leadership Varsity hahaha

    • first you really need to go for anger managment session you need psychiatric help second you should learn to Understand the point before you comment, dont just read for the circle of reading.

  17. Mmmmmm I thought being a professor means you are intelligent enough to know that to be an entrepreneur, it means you have capital not because you are a graduate only

  18. Promoting entrepreneurship in landlocked Malawi where buyers can’t even afford cheap laxiourious clothes…. Standard food and Drinks…. Fresh graduates needs employment to Letter turn in investment…. Unless you tell us of intellect.. Interprenuership your excellence sir…

  19. This is stupid and it’s madness how can someone graduate and create a job without capital.Give the graduates Money so that they can create jobs.back off if you know you won’t manage.

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