Seasoned journalist trashes Luso TV bus bonanza

Nomads vs Bullets
Nomads vs Bullets
Bullets and Nomads face off in Luso TV football fiesta.

Be Forward Wanderers and Nyasa Big Bullets will battle it out for a 26-seater bus in the two legged tournament organized by Luso Television but the decision to hold the tourney has been trashed by a seasoned sports journalist Chachacha Munthali.

The veteran journalist has labelled the whole idea as ‘stupid’ saying the provision of a bus was supposed to be a priority by Wanderers sponsors Be Forward as part of the sponsorship deal.

“Mighty Wanderers is sponsored by Be Forward. Be Forward are exporters of primarily used vehicles, minibuses inclusive.

Munthali: Questions the idea of the tourney.

“Shouldn’t the provision of a bus have been a non-brainer? Chances are, the used bus will be bought from the same Be Forward.

“Now, apart from changing the team jersey (I am still sore about that tactless change from the mighty blue to a hue of a failed political ambitions) what else does Be Forward sponsorship involve?” he questioned.

True to his logical thinking, the 26-seater Civilian Coaster has been bought at Be Forward by the Lilongwe based television.

The two teams will play the first leg on 26th December before meeting for the second leg on 2nd January 2016.

The winner from the two games will walk away with the coaster.



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    1. Limbikirani mwina thako la chiukepo likhaleko pa mpando wa bus. A mw ongolandila inu shaaaa when w u start buin?

  2. Thank you so much Luso TV that’s what needed to bring back football in our country I also begg some company and stakeholders to come up with ideas like these well done Luso Tv

  3. Kkkk yaaaha,nthawi zina ngati munthu kulibe chokamba ndi bwino kungokhala, osakamba zimene sudziwa. Luso TV sidalakwise popangitsa Bonanza iyi . Iyitu ndi njira yopangira promote malonda awo .Nkhani iyi palibe ubale wina uli onse ndi a Be forward. A luso Ali ndi ufulu woti atha kupanga promote malonda awo kudzera mu bonanza pogwiritsiira ma team otchuka monga Be Forward ndi Bullets. Nzovomerezeka kutero

  4. Luso TV buying a vehicle through Be forward it does mean that the vehicle should go directly to wanderes, Be forward is just a car exporting company. Any car bought a person or a company has freedom to do what ever they want for the car.

  5. I think there is some sense,coz wat i see from dat sponsership its peanut,if beforward was sponsering a club from TZ,ZIM or RSA de deal could hav been so lucrutive with 60 seater bus,stadium or even participating in continental tournaments.Our officials jst lyk our govt hav problems in negotiating gud deals.As a Nomad i thought this is a golden opportunity 4 us with gud sponsorship bt our leaders they lack vision,kalipentala asowa bwanj mpando mnyumba

  6. Forgive the Analyst for he does not know what is coming out of his mouth. There is nothing to analyse here. Big up to LUSO Tv

  7. The analyst in question, does not know what he is saying. The essense of giving does not have any condition, whether one is wealthy or not. If you have the giving heart you just give. Luso TV has the heart wealth than of such analyst. Let the tournament alone, if you say so, let all sponsors freeze because most teams involve have money. Khalani chete ngati mulibe chonena

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