15 November 2016 Last updated at: 9:06 AM

Government for more awareness on marriage law

Government says there is need for Malawians to know more about the Marriage, Divorce, Family Relations Act so that early marriages should be reduced in the country.

Principal Secretary in the ministry of gender, children and social welfare Mary Shawa said since the Marriage, Divorce and Family Relations Act was passed, the country has saved the lives of young people who married early.

Dr. Mary Shawa

Shaba: We want people to understand the law.

Shawa said over 600 young people including boys have been moved out of marriages and sent back to school.

“Due to this act we have managed to move 600 girls out of marriages to school and some of the youth were boys who married early,” said Shawa.

She added that government is making strides to make sure that people are able to understand the legislation so that early marriages are dealt with once and for all.

Shawa also said that government will continue making sure that Members of Parliament as well as chiefs are involved in order to ensure that girls do not marry early but stay in school.

This follows  the commemoration in October of the International Day of the Girl Child which falls on 11 October every year.

The Day of the Girl Child was set aside by the United Nations and this year’s theme was ‘Girls Progress is Equal to Goals Progress’.

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