Malawi is in shambles – MCP

Goodall Gondwe and Peter Mutharika

Opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has described the current socio- economic woes that the country is sailing in as destructive for the nation.

The sentiments follow economic hiccups that have witnessed sharp devaluation of local currency against major international currencies in the world and social problems that have hit Malawians hard.

Alekeni Menyani
Alekeni Menyani: We are a sick nation.

Speaking to the local press, MCP spokesperson Alekeni Menyani described the state of affairs to be at a destruction point arguing that Malawians are suffering due to government’s poor policies.

“This country is in shambles. Malawians are surviving by the will of God if it were a business we could have forgottten about it and I have just heard that they have introduced K2000 note that predicts very bad economy,” said Menyani.

He further urged Malawians to improve the situation by holding authorities accountable and through implementation of effective policies. Recent reports have since ranked Malawi to be amongst the poorest countries in the world.

However, the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is on record to have assured Malawians that its administration will change the country for the better.



  1. apm knows he’ll now live in mw after his term and doesn’t care what happens to it. it’s not HIS country, why care?

  2. Ife a MCP tinalephera kutukula dzikoli kwa zaka 30 . Apapa tagwirizana kuti tizingosokoneza m’malo mothandiza boma likuthandiza. Kuti muonesese timati tizatumikile anthu Nanga anthuwo akafamo ndi njala 2019 yo ndiye tizalamulira ndani . Ndife ambwenu ozaza mamina mmutu. Opaka Colgate pa bread ? kuyesa stock.


  4. we are still friends with the poverty monsters under our beds getting along with the voices the politicians say. this is unfair. i have seen one man can a lift a roof ndipo watinyamula osakhala chibwana ndipo kudikila may 2019 many will be ghosted

  5. Come on MCP and other opposition parties take Peter and Dpp to task. Peter and his Dpp are Corrupt.Talk talk and talk have yielded nothing,Take action now now. Where is 577bn forensic report ? Chasowa,Njaunju report ? Why are u quiet ? Take Lucas kondowe so called ACB to Task.He is a catalyst of Dpp corruption. Of late ,4bn cashgate at Escom,do something.

    1. UDF came into power in 1994 under Mr. E.B Muluzi, without economic and socially mandatory tusk, the whole heathy administrative system which Dr. H. Banda left fall apart.
      Malawi Kwacha was at K3.13 to 1 ZAR(South African Rand) I’m talking from experience here, the same Kwacha excelled from K3.13 to K11.50 against ZAR in 1998-99 losing 2.75% value to Rand.
      Bakiki Muluzi was a business man in that time when he rose to popular politic in 1993-4, instead of looking back to where Dr. left and not taking some highly experienced economist from Dr Banda’s regime he formed his own bogus cabinet to lead Malawi on a revenge purposes rising all old killing cases to MCP loyalist of which others ran out of the country till to date, others joined him who didn’t have no voice of reform to sustainability.
      Examples are Herthawick Ntabas, Dausis, Justin Malewezi etc.
      Bakili administration only focused on punishing the old MCP cadres, money laundering and rooting government funds of which till to date he’s fighting the corruption case in court.
      He has never reformed economic and social Sustainability, he promised many many things to Malawians, of which till to date UDF has fallen.
      UDF would be done better than other political party as it had all mechanism on disposals.
      UDF would prove to Malawians without punishing.
      Come this rebellion DPP, movement in 2005 under world bank employee and economist, of course he started to show visions of a transparency and a promising future Malawi of which other Malawians till to date they thank this man Bingu wa Mtalika’s progress.
      From 2005-09, Malawi’s social and economic goals were shown alive and this made many Malawians to trust DPP leadership things went out of hand from this man to endorse his blooded brother based in America over 40yrs, no any clue for Malawi’s back ground on political, social and economic reform,JB took over the ruins under heavy and dubiously tactics to 2014, in her 2 years rule she snowed character.
      Come this professor oh

    2. Sure bro. The first regretable mistake malawi made was on Muluzi, a brute. a thief, a liar.This is a repeat of a mistake by taking in Chimtchona. Malawians do not learn from mistakes,Sad .Malawi has collapsed but some lunatics still glorify Dpp Thieves, Sad

  6. Achikhala tinachita kufunsira kuti tikhale amalawi, ndikukhulupirira ambiri pamene zafikapa tikadachita resign. koma poti its our home country tsiku lina tikadzatopa nazo izizi tidzachitapo kanthu.

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    1. haha alternative what? to which party? aaaa are here in mw does dpp listen to other ppos advice? no way they feel lyk oppositin are failures if u listen to parliamentary sension u can agree wth me that opposition.speak much than the yess bwana of dpp

  8. During colonialism, Zambia and Zimbabwe were areas whites developed, malawi was a farm for its good fertile soils. now more than 50 years after after independence its still a farm, a farm for politicians, it can’t develop. VAT ndi pa madzi pomwe? kkkkkk!

  9. The politics of today is just like a business, if I can see. Once you’ve gain the leadership, you focus on how you can get the cash, quickly before you spend more time to work hard & help your nation for good success. So, even those oppositions they can end up doing the same, Unless if We can ask God to show us the really leader chosen by God himself like David in those past 100 of thousands years ago.

  10. It is really laughable for some pple to declare that nobody in the opposition can transform Malawi into a better nation. U and me are eye witnesses, in 2011 and 2012 we were in a worse situation than today’s, when vehicles were grounded on long queues at dry filling stations and when pple were struggling to find forex in banks and black markets but suddenly in a dramatic event, a woman, JB, tried her best to turn Malawi into normal channel and pple appreciated the change. Malawi lacks servant leadership to lead Malawi with full commitment, leaders with good vision, not corrupt and led by God. Malawians are not failures but has few misguided leaders which are driving the ship backwards destroying all hopes of malawians.

    1. Zoona zokhazokha wakulu that’s why in 2019 I will vote,New President from Opposition Party not these fat cats,look at them ~enawo akhala dzaka 15/20 alibe m’boma ndi dzipani nzosiyana komano mtima oti athandize dziko lawo alibe,akupanga za m’banja mwao ndi tsogolo la ana awo even ma contract aboma akuwatenga okha nalembetsa m’bale wawo ncholinga chofuna kubisala,look at this mama,Kaliati akutani dzaka nzonse wakhala m’bomamu,zolakwika titi sakuziona? We need change and we will go American way,that’s opposition Party.

    2. Kusatsata ndale zamalawi xoti amayendera tit for tat,simukudziwa,ndiomwe amazemba kumawauza ma donor kt musiyeni timabodxa tambirimbiri cholinga zawo aoneke olephera,kumalawi kuno munthu akamayesetsa iwo amamkokera pansi kuopa kt asatchuke

    3. zoona bro mkmalawi sungmumvetse ngakhale pa. ntchito ndi choncho. khalidwe loipa li ngati silingathe dziko litukuka bwanji?

    4. Unique idle Malawians and dull brainless Malawians are at the wrong corner of picking pieces of collateral damage caused by wrong choosing of leadership in Malawi’s administration.
      Great sufferers are unique idle Malawians who cry, speak out, advises but no any reasonable response comes out.
      Malawi is dying and will never come back to its knees again as if idle brains fold their arms and watch the sinking Titanic.
      Present leadership has got no vision to rescue Malawi, only change on government administration from opposition will do that.
      Present administration ambitious will look only on lifting the name of DPP led government not Malawi’s affairs.
      In 1993 we had Pressure groups under PAC umbrella, but now that same organisation has been swallowed with so called government of DPP, what can we expect?
      There is nothing DPP government can change Malawi to a prosper country under APM as a leader who doesn’t know nothing about Malawi’s warfare, cultural activities around the communities and its alignments to economic reform.
      As if it was the old politicians, from UDF who joined DPP, we would see a real positive change by now under this DPP.
      Mtalika brothers are wrong choices to Malawi leadership, because their working strategies towards reform and conciliatory process is not in their blood, only looking back to develop their home area and surrounded areas.
      Malawi needs a rapid and drastically change to turn the corner of which will put health nice smile on Malawians faces.
      Social and economic wows will come to its height of which no body will call Malawi as his or her country again as if DPP under APM still rules.
      Let’s stop this man’s ideology and bring someone who understands Malawi needs better.

  11. Obviously yes! What have you lined up to help as opposition? Certainly resignations of the President and Goodall Gondwe. Emulate Trump/Clinton election not by results but post-election actions for their national agenda. No hope for Malawi. Sometimes people switch to opposition for change if it portrays maturity and visionary leadership but with this opposition I bet better to switch to someone that has never existed. A well’s depth is indeed known upon drying. I cry for Tembo not for presidential seat but as leader of opposition.

  12. Am here again,a Malawi omwe anagwidwa Ku Tanzania akuzunzika sizamwana,akuvulidwa zovala mundende kumenyedwa ali maliseche,pano pali chiganizo chomenya ambassador wathu coz she’s not helping us

  13. malawi need proper ideologies not just blame. Dpp has failed and failed miserably yes but we can not say MCP can do better when they dont have any defined ideas of how a society should be organised

    1. communities security, food abundance, social and economy happiness, real Educational system we name few, Mighty MCP did well to most Malawians lives.
      Only two things which even today many of us hate MCP, was crime against human Right abuses.
      Forcing anyone to become MCP member by buying party cards.
      You can’t compare UDF, DPP, PP, AFORD to MCP ideological planning mechanism for supporting masses of Malawi.
      Since MCP lost power to UDF, many things has fallen dismally apart.
      Only Mighty MCP can take Malawi forward to prosperity

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