Malawi Police yet to arrest Evangelist Shadreck Wame’s killers


Malawi Police are yet to arrest a housemaid suspected to have murdered evangelist Shadreck Wame three weeks ago in Salima district.

Wame was brutally killed.

The death of Wame who was brutally murdered on the night of October 28 this year,shocked many people in the country including President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika who urged the Police in the country to work around the clock in hunting the suspected killer.

Few days later, a video went viral on social media claiming that the suspected killer has been murdered by angry mob but the police trashed the claims, saying the suspect is yet to be traced.

However,although the police vowed to hunt down the suspect, little or nothing seems to be happening on the ground as police are yet to come up with the identity of the killer and his whereabouts.

The development has angered Malawians who are accusing the police of lacking interest to investigate the case and they said they are following the matter with keen interest hoping that the truth will come out soon.



  1. ASaone ngati wathawa koma kwa mulungu sanathawe akumanazo koma pepho kwa apolisi kumugwira adzapereke chirango chokwima kwambiri choti yekha aziganizire kuti ndinachiranji

  2. Lets pray that, where ever he is, he should have conscious and apologise to the Lord for the grave sin he has done and indeed to the Wame family and hand over himself to the police for him to receive judgement accordingly.

  3. Guys sometimes we should think and reason upright,we always put the blame on our Police but in actual sense the problem starts with us we keep criminals in our homes and we sometimes witness crimes taking place look what we do? we cannot even tip our police yet we expect the police to improve their services! Police officers are not prophets

  4. That’s the Malawi police I know, all the murderers in this country very few have been apprehended, if I may recall, that of Robert Chasowa, Issah Njauju, Albinos and now Wame Shadreck. I don’t think this fugitive killer will be apprehended alive. Nowadays people have come to know once they have a murder offense the either commit suicide or hide in a cave for decades until the name of a killed person dies as well.

  5. Rymar khani ya malilo ukupanga malonda, kd zili kwa iwe wina atapanga chomwecho unganve bwanji? Think before u do… ngati ndalakwa ukhululuke sindikuweluza poti kuweluza ndikwaiye namalenga

    1. I agree with you. Ku USA during malathon bombings they published the suspects and its only that incident, they often do to speed up investigation

    1. Ufiti sikuuluka kapena kupha munthu kokha,,,,kusowa kwachikondi ndikusakhuzidwa pamavuto anzako ndi ufiti ndithu

      Man mulingalire ntchito mwagwirayi,,,khomo lamanda ndi losatseka osaiwala!!

    1. Why chiyani? iwe sukudziwa zoti anthu anathawa, ndiye ukufuna ayambe kugwira aliyense amene zisakumukhuza? Kapenatu ndi iweyo, wabisala pachisamba ndiye dikira mnzimu wake ukupeza pomwe ulipo.

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