Lack of interest in NRFA elections as contenders run unopposed


Northern Region Football Association (NFRA) will hold its executive committee elections on 20th November but there has been a lack of interest as some contenders are not facing any competition.

Mbonekela Msiska is standing as Vice Chairperson

Current chairperson Lameck Khonje and executive member Felix Mbonekela Msiska who is standing as Vice Chairperson are expected to be reelected unopposed as other people have not come forward to compete with them.

Speaking on his bid, Msiska said he wants football to win at the end of the day.

“We want to bring football on its way since at the end of the day the game of football must be the winner. We also want to work in cooperation with all people who are concerned in football, this means media referees, football administrators and others,” he said.

Msiska also hinted that he will work on finding more sponsors for the league.

“We are happy with the current sponsor and we appreciate but I am trying to say that even other people can come to boost the league,” Msiska said.

He added that he will also make sure that there is transparency in the association and that players are being treated well.

“Welfare of players must also be good because they are the ones who are making the game of football to run, but our players are suffering you will see that they get nothing at the end,” said Msiska.

Felix Mbonenekela Msiska holds Diploma in Business and he is also a businessman who owns shops and a transportation business.


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