Chikangawa Forest closed, MDF soldiers to guard it


Malawi government through the department of Natural resources has closed Chikangawa forest in a bid to conserve the trees in the forest, Malawi24 has learnt.

The development comes hot in the heels of breaching of agreements between timber millers and government who had both promised to replant trees after making products from trees, a thing they have failed to do.

Chikangawa forest

Chikangawa forest: Not for use now.

The forest has also suffered from fierce fires that took away the life of trees in the country’s biggest man made forest.

Spokesperson for the department of natural resources Sagwani Phiri said government has finally stopped all activities that were to be done through the use of trees.

Phiri added that Malawi Defense Force (MDF) soldiers are to take responsibility of effecting the action.

“We want to achieve justice between government and the timber milling companies because what we have been agreeing is not what they are doing at the forest” said Phiri.

Apart from timber milling, Chikangawa has also been a source of living by communities around who make charcoal to sell for there survival- a development that has depleted trees in the forest.

The 54 000 hectare Viphya Plantations popularly known as Chikangawa stretches from Mzimba and Nkhatabay districts in the northern region.



  1. Its Time My Nephews Soldiers To Make Money.Everyone Need Money So Even They Have Closed But The Soldiers Can Not Protect Them Because “A Goat Eats A Place Where Is Tethered So They Have Done Nothing.Leave That Open Course We Eat Through Them So Nobody Is Nobody.

  2. Palibe chimene chachitika pamenpo!! Nkhalango zathu mmalawi muno ayiniache ndi anthu! ndi mafumu amene azungulila nkhalangozo! chifukwa munthu sangachoke ku liwonde kukasamala nkhalango ku chikangawa! munthu sangachoke ku kasungu kukasamala nkhalango ku lengwe! chimene angasamale iye ndi khobili basi ndiye azigulisa chilengedwe iye akhale ndi ndalama! apaseni mphavu zambili mafumu amene azungulila nkhalangozo kuti ayang`anile muona zinthu zisintha. msilikali apite ku sudan, ku sylia , ku somalia kapena ku nyanja yathu paja yalandidwa tisayiwale nde ntchito asilika.

  3. Everyone asking for money even those soldiers if they can be asked some favour through the money, idont think they can refuse cash, because corruption is already done by The first citizen himself and spreading to all the governments working departments. So, there is corruption every where.

  4. A good move even though is too late. Some rivers are dry, some hills are bare, wild animals have gone far which provided meat, is hard to find firewood, carpenters are suffering etc. Trees were cut down mercilessly by corrupt officials and were not arrested only arrested poor women who fetched mere firewood. Is pathetic. The late Brenda Fassie once sung – TOO LATE FOR MAMA. Indeed is too late. Some soldiers are also corrupt. The trees are not safe.

  5. mitengoyo ndi ndalama ximinexo ndiye azidikilira pa 45 kulandira golide alipafupi,maiko osauka ndie kuchimake kwa corruption tiona,mitengoyo matabwa ake ali pa high demand overseas, bwanji simunawauze kuti azikagadira ndalama mukumabaxo za cash gate lero akumagadira nsato ndi udzu za chamba basi!

  6. paja kulibe kokamenya nkhondo, wa police ndiye boma silinayerekezeke kuopa akhoma ma free to air dich ten pa denga face different directions onse owonesa ma programme a chalichi okha okha

  7. That’s what you always say you skanks but you never do it , mind you that’s my fucking jangle I grew up in there and I know all the corners , there are a lot of niggas doing inside business there . I guarantee you nothing will change , so many things are happening in that forest I hate fuckers

  8. If the CEO of Raiply cud listen to my advice early last year this forest cud have at least be saved. I once worked there for a short time, but l discovered that there is heavy corruption both from Raiply employees and staff from Forest Department in Chikangawa, the deployment of Moyale soldiers has come too late. Even the closure it won’t do anything, there is a heavy connection between loggers, soldiers, Raiply staff and Forest, let them tell you this the logging is done at night and during the day it is calm and normal, l cud have talked more and unearth many things but let me stop here for a moment.

  9. @Bello Tembo Nganya waneneska vintu vyanangika kale or wajare ndipo phindu lionekengepo sono, Apa unkungu naviphuphu vikwambila president nazinduna so vyakhila mpaka pasi kufikira na pa walonda. Chalo cha Malawi chanunka sono icho, no chilungamo yayi kwali, beta kujilimbikilira paiwe wekha, kajiso kuboma ndi??? I’loyayi!!

  10. arg so what are u gonna do with deforestated areas cmon u yankees this shit has to stop of taking malawians as fools make plans to grow treez again than making DPP to get money from chikangawa forest

  11. Zonsezi ndi ajohn tembo akanagwirizana ndi achakwamba bwezi zimenezi kulibe malawi watha chiruchonse kulibe sitinati aliyense akungoika ndalama nthumba mwake

  12. Kabajaliraci uko??? so pankani yavigwagwa M’mzuzu waphikirengecikkkkkkk ndiyo gen yatukulanga wazimayi mu Mzuzu naiyokkkkkkk

  13. Awauze Bwinotu,cause a MDFwa Samamvesesa Ndipo Ndimbava Zotheratu,chomcho Azikalowa Mnyumba Za Anthu Omwe Aiyandikila Nkhalangoyi AKuti Kuteteza Matabwa.Muzyang’Anila Mnkhalango Alonda Inu!! Okuba

  14. Tapulika kuti chikangawa mwajala . Sono ka nyanja ira mkutipu uli? Mkuchimbirira chikangawa mwawapa wa Tanzania apa mkuchimbirira nakupanga chindalama chabweka!!

  15. No matter how worse it is but solution its the best……i salute for your idea keep it up!!guys zabwino tiyeni kumavomeleza osamangokhala ndi opposition mind nthawi iliyonse thou am one of those pipo who r not happy with this government

    • sitimadikira zinthu kuti ziomongeke nkumakonza bwino a chimwene atha nkhalango ya chikangawa ife tikuwadziwa si anthu wamba koma andale mostly nduna ndi ma mp aboma.muvi oyang’anira umathobwa mmaso dont even blame a forest nawonso amateteza mchere wawo

  16. Mukutseka lero ?? Nkhalango idatha kale kale??nde chani?? Where,was the gvt all this tym ??we really cry for kamuzu ,akanadzuka lero nkuona mmm akanalira koooopsa ,he was a visionally reader not mbofyo mbofyo mbofyo

  17. Shiiit Nkhalango adzala ndi Dr Banda kudzalira mtundu wa a Malawi koma Mulii ndi Bingu adaitha lero mukuti mwatseka zofuna zanu zakwanilitsi zitsiru ujeni wanu

  18. But some sodier may use wrongly instead of guarding forest may ‘ve chance to force women to have sex for them to be released jst bcoc have been found cutting down trees but this is not gud

    • My bro avoid putting statement that you don’t have tangible facts. You can’t find a single woman in the forest, let me tell you this all people who were staying in the forest were evicted long time ago, during this operation, not even a single woman was harassed in fact l was a leader during this operation, so pliz avoid defaming the men in uniform.

  19. Good development! If Kamuzu Banda was alive today, he would have wept to see Chikangawa the way it has been depleted. Shame on these greedy politicians!

  20. Good development, its now time for soldiers to make money, corruption won’t stop, those Soldiers they will also sale those trees secreatly for timber making, believe me guys, buyers will make strong connections with those soldiers….ntchentche sitimayipatsa chilonda!

  21. Kusowa chochita asilikali apamalawi pano ndi azilonda kuthengo anyway bola osaonga chilengecho kumangonyera paliponse mukumbe zimbudzi. Kuli nsato kumeneko musale

  22. Definitely people who are constructing houses will have to go deeper in their pockets coz timber prices will go up more than expected…..the current ruling party and politicians should stop playing politics regarding to chikangawa forest coz they are benefiting large amount of moneys from timber owners in the forest

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