14 November 2016 Last updated at: 12:52 PM

Box 48 students gang up to kill alumni, tussle with police

Students of Dedza government secondary school popularly known as Box 48 on Sunday tussled with the police as the students wanted to kill a former student of the school for entering the campus.


Arrested: Box 48 students,

According to deputy police public relations officer for Dedza police constable Cassim Manda, police received a call from school headmaster Joseph Chioza informing them that some students wanted to kill Frank Kamala, a former student of the school who went into the campus to ask for his Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) results.

Manda further said that when police arrived at the campus to arrest Kamala whom they claimed behaved himself in a manner likely to cause breach of peace, the students were not pleased as they insisted on dealing with the alumni.

Consequently, the angry students started stoning police officers but the law enforcers successfully managed to rescue Kamala.

When police left the campus, the belligerent student organised themselves, carried weapons and set off for Dedza town where they wanted to cause havoc.

But the police quickly moved in and managed to disperse the students before they reached town.

The law enforcers also arrested 20 students who will soon answer the charge of proposing violence at assemblies contrary to section 87 subsection (a) and (b) of penal code.

Meanwhile, security was intensified in Dedza for the past 24 hours and according to the police no damages have been reported.

Constable Manda has since hailed his colleagues for a job well done.

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