Self-boarding girls selling their bodies to make ends meet


Self-boarding girls in Mzimba are involving themselves in sexual activities with men in order to sustain themselves, Malawi24 has learnt.

Investigations this publication conducted in some schools in Mzimba, have revealed that girls who are self-boarding are facing a lot of challenges including sexual exploitation.

Mzimba Secondary School

Mzimba Secondary School, one of the schools in Mzimba.

In the very genesis of our investigation, our reporter met with about 30 girls, who are schooling at Embangweni community day secondary school in Mzimba.

The girls, most of them teenagers, found themselves some tiny rooms which they are renting for about MK15,000 per room each month.

“We supervise ourselves. Our school authorities have nothing to do with us. We find food ourselves and some upkeeps,” said one of the girls.

At around 10pm, our reporter started observing some girls leaving their rooms for unknown destinations.

Nonetheless, some wouldn’t bother moving out, as they were busy decorating themselves, ready for some night duties.

“There is nothing about going to night studies. It’s this time when we find money for upkeep. Those you have seen going out, were rushing to their sugar daddies,” she added.

From a distance, our reporter saw two girls entering into a posh car which later headed to Jenda trading center.

“Some are at a resthouse just a distance from here. If you wish, you can go and check them out. As for me, I don’t go out today but my clients find me here,” she said.

People from the neighborhood confirmed the trend, adding that most of the girls from these rooms end up dropping out of school and venture into serious prostitution.

“It’s not news to us. We are becoming used to this malpractice. Some men find comfort in these girls,” said one of the neighbours.

Elsewhere in Mzuzu, girls shared the same experience. Here it is even worse being near the city, where prostitution is proving to be very high.

Benedeicto Kondowe

Kondowe: Its sad to learn of this news.

“Our parents can’t afford to meet all our basic needs. As grownups, we have to find a way of helping ourselves in solving some minor problems. Gone are the days a girl like me would beg for sanitary ware from parents. These days, we buy on our own,” said one girl our reporter met at a bar around Chibavi Township.

One of the local education activists, Benedicto Kondowe, who also heads the Civil Society Education Coalition, bemoaned the tendency in an interview with Malawi24.

Kondowe said the current status quo, is a cause for concern because girls are not being protected by anyone.

“Something has to be done immediately. We shouldn’t be claiming that we are fighting for the education rights of girls, while in reality, we are not. Let’s follow up the story and find lasting solutions,” he said.



  1. Kunena pachilungamo mzimba mwakhoxa soni onani sono wakuti watumbuka aa boma kuti likati mzimba ndikuti wanyanyaa ,yai wapapi tiyeni tilange ana athu ndi boma lamawaaa kuno ku mpoto ku mzimba mukukhoxa sono chomene

  2. Why is it that every time there is an issue bere we resort to being regionalistic,districtistic(if this word exists at all) tribalistic, nepotistic, instead of giving alternatives? Nthawi zonse Atumbuka, Alhomwe inu, Asena inu,Achewa inu, Ayawo inu!Nkhani ili pano ndiya self-boarding kuyipa kwake. Koma tili pano kulowetsa ndale, kusiyana mitundu, zigawo, maboma, status! Mwinanso ena tiona akutukwanizana. Kumvetsa chisoni!

  3. De truth is dat dis silly bhaviour its country wide,,,jct dat umaloza yomwe yakuluma,,,bt l guess its nt asolution to aproblem,,,bt aproblem to another problem,,,lastly dey wu form abomb 4demselvs

  4. HIV AIDS is real.obstainance is the only solution.Peer pressure will kill you girls. Be content with the little you get from parents. You may born poor but you can die rich and leave an an inheritance to your generation.Sex is well done in a marriage setup.Its for free not worthies STDs to the faithful.Obstainance is possible if you can accept Jesus Christ as your personal saviour.Beauty is deceptive but the fear of the Lord will enable you to well live here on earth.

  5. Can’t the government come up with a plan to introduce some kind of ant- sexual Drugs for school going youths to minimizing their sexual desire

  6. Not only in mzimba bt almost every part of dis counrty we need nt to argue here the most thing is poverty what can the do to achieve their goals if i can remmember some tym back we had GABLE a govrnmemt organisation which was paying these girls zinathera kuti?

  7. A Malawi kukonda sex which has negative effect on our population. We like to have more children as if some of them will be sold one day. People have children without even a thought of how you will care and feed them. Even some of us rf he jobs we are doing are not worth to feed 5 children but we still bear lot of children. The lesson is now to the kids, don’t engage in sex like our fathers otherwise we will have more challenges as well.

  8. Tizaimba nyimbo ya Tomas Chibade ” mwagulisa makampane aboma ulova wachuluka ! Mkumalembana nokha paubale panu mmene mkuonongera dziko ana a amphawi mkuti atani ,ndinuyo aboma

  9. Komanso atsikana ndinu zitsiru chifukwa sugamapange muchitidwe wogonana ndizibambo kumanena kuti ndipeze yhandizo ndiye bonza lalikulu limenero kkkk zausiru

  10. Zoona, ukavu wakula mu dziko lathu. This thing happens everywhere now bcoz of abject povery. U cannot blame parents bcoz they fail to provide for them. Help us God. The end result re diseases and unwanted pregnancies. Shame nee?

  11. That can not true. I choose to strongly oppose this lie. Where exactly in Mzimba do they conduct this business? Are you referring to all girl doing self boarding? No, such a thing isn’t there in Mzimba. Learn to respect our good girls.

    • If the report was mentioning other Districts down central n beyond u could’ve been in fore front to say yes yes but now u cant,u want to shield something,this problem is all over now my friend,u’ll wake up one morning to see yo lovely n trusted sister swim in ds shit,never trust students nowerdays buddy.

  12. Osazayelekeza kukalowola kumpoto pano analowa Mphepo kumangokatenga ngati ku Chiradzulu basi, Kwazaza ma Second hand okhaokha.

  13. UBWINOWAKE NDIZOCHITA KUGWILIZANA MAKOLO NDIANTHU AM’BOMA) timange cool azikhalapo anaakazi) ndendikumati anaakazi apitilize maphuzilo. Osakoti potengelapo matenda

  14. The better if they wear boots during their session …but if not ….ooooh will spread after xools to village boys ….oooh God help us…

  15. Not only in Mzimba, its almost every where. and it is a deed in fashion. and dont forget that when these ladies want money, they undress their clothings.

  16. Read, like, share and support the campaign, follow the link below.


    Part Two

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    Because of the end product of corruption, because some one was corrupt and employed an unqualified or incompetent person, who don’t know what they are suppose to do with the service or product (work position/school/contract etc) they have gotten corruptly.
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    Low pay salary/wages most of the employees in government sector and private sector are paid low wages and salaries , there some employees revert to corruption for more financial benefits, we therefore ask the people responsible of salary and wage increaments in both private and government to help our brothers and sisters out there who are working for them by increasing their wages and salaries to help them avoid corrupt practices
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  17. its not the lack of resources @ the school but the desire to comform to a type of lifestyle which is beyond their means. In any case, how do boys on boarding survive the unreliable and erratic financial & “_material support?

  18. Sizachigawo izi! Zigawo zonse bwerani kuno Mudzaone! And omwe akulimbikitsa ambiriwo mchitidwe wonyansawu ndiomwe anayenera kulimbikitsa atsikana pa maphunziro awo. Ine ndiwakumwera ndimalima kumwera ndimakhala kumwera. Ndinkhani yomvetsa chisoni.

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  20. The fact that Malawi is a poor country doesn’t mean its pple cannot do smthng.Supervision is the way to conquer the problem.The landloads & land ladies should be given powers to monitor the whereabouts of the pple they keep

  21. Things are falling apart this was unheard of ….its a shame atleast if there was a program to look at the well being of girls and uplift them …..its hard for the girls and Pray they get help.

  22. Pali chodabwitsa apa, mfumu ikumuthesera mzimayi banja akuti ndi mwana akapitilize school, kuyiwala kuti munthuyu anali ndi banja lokhazikika and azolowera kumagona ndi mamuwake daily, boma ndikuomba mmanja mfumu ya nzeru kkk, kumuthesera banja si kuti mwathesa zogonana koma kungofalisa matenda basi, anakwatiwa kalewo basi kwawo kudatha tiyeni tilimbane ndi amene sadakwatiwe….

  23. Even here ARS never see by naked eyes (evininģ) ñight sçhooĺ Girls or Boys only the one upgrade like course because those one matures,

  24. Tho Malawi is poor ,but can’t they at least myb find another work apart from that ,komanso mws is poor yet we tend to have a lot of children who we fail to take care for ,so thus wat happen ,#ThinkofNewPlansMWs

  25. For How Long Shall this continue huh? ,while some people keep on wasting money for bulding good boarding xuls in Malawi ,huh this ainty fair.

  26. Ndimomwe yavutira ndramamu kodi mwana wam’kazi apita nazo kt? sikuzimba kokha ayi panopo ziri palipose week end ngati ino atsikana axol akumadzadza m’ma rest house.ZOTI KWATENTHA SAKUWERENGA IWOWO BOLA ITALOWA NDRAMA M’MANJA

  27. One thing u shud remember z; as u know,Malawi z one of the poorest dziko when i say “poorest” believe me and majority are akavike luzi who have daughters at different 2ndry xloos of which they can not afford to assist them day to day needs

  28. For some its about abject poverty;their parents do not often assist them in cash and kind that’s why they indulge themselves in immoral sexual behaviour in exchange for money.For others its peer immitation and inborn traits,they are assisted by their guardians but they like flirting with their teachers and other people from the surrounding communities.I’ve witnessed such cases in a certain remote areas.

  29. Not only those from secondary schools even those girls from colleges they also practice this similar behaviour ndiye poti zinthuzo ndi zawi basi kwasiya

  30. personally ihate the government for introducing community day secondary schools,amene adayambitsa izi sadaganize bwino mchifukwa lero tikudandaula kuti maphunziro akulowa community day secondary schools mulibe zipangizo zoyenera kuti mwana aphunzire mokwanira.mwana wakusecondary kumayenda about 20 klmtrs go and back daily do u think mwana ameneyu angachite bwino komaso tsikana do u think they can be safe from sex? Boma likadawonjera ma boarding secondary school osati ma cdss.chinaso chomwe ndikudana nacho heavey ndi chakuti umpeza mwana wa std8 walakwa mayeso mmalo mobwereza akukayamba secondary akut open do u think mwana oti adalakwa mayeso a 8 angakachite bwino ku secondary? Boma liganizeso kachiwiri nkhani ya ma cdss,sizikuyenda in most schools.

    • ndipo ine ndinanenetsa kuti mwana okhala ndiine kulakwa mayeso a 8 must go back to std8 class room till he/she pass primary level Exams…ndipo ndaona kuti tiliko awiri amaganizo ofanana.

    • i remember nzanga wina wake adabwereza standard 8 6times that time kudalibe wat they call open classes kenako adakhoza atapita ku secondary adapeza 10 points koma lero wolakwa 8 akupitaso ku secondary lol nonsense

  31. That’s true can’t argue bt not only in mzimba even here in zomba its the same thin… Even mu #Blantyre .. #Lilongwe & #mzuzu bottle stores r full wth atsikana ama college …. Wumphawi wakula that’s the reason

  32. Eeeeetu palibe vuto becoz akaba muwamanga kugulitsa thupi lako ndibho palibe amene angamufunse kuti zakhala bwanji

  33. What’ts wrong with them? i wish i could go back to school to continue where i stoped. some they will even fail to write broken english,just like the way ido.We play with a ball and with education not.

  34. Yea I was there yesterday achulukira nda akazi achitumbuka opandaso ma looks AAA ndinabetsa kukafika Ku room kungoti zii ngati mtembo kuyesera kutsina kumsanaku Ai ndithu anandiliza Mwana dala

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