Madonna, Hollywood guruz to raise funds for Malawi


American songstress Madonna has together with her ex-husband Sean Penn organised an event aiming at raising funds to be pumped towards the pop star’s charity programmes in Malawi.

The occasion dubbed “Raising Malawi Gig” is scheduled for Faena Forum at Miami Beach, Florida in the United States of America on 2nd December this year. In an act of solidarity, a number of Hollywood superstars will be part of the fundraising night.


Madonna sets sights on fund-raising in Malawi.

Comedian Chris Rock and singer Arianna Grande are among the artists to light up the Raise Malawi Gig. The event with an appetising menu that includes music, art, and other perfomances will be hosted by James Corden.

According to information sourced by this publication, all proceeds from the event will go towards Raising Malawi, a non-profit organisation founded by Madonna in 2006.

The singer in collaboration with her Charity partners, plans to build what will be Malawi’s first Pediatric Surgery and Intensive Care Unit. The new facility will be named after Mercy James, a Malawian girl child who was adopted by the pop star in 2009.

This will benefit Malawi’s health sector as it will double the number of life-saving surgeries performed on children every year. It will also provide intensive care after critical surgeries and train specialised Malawi medical staff.

Madonna is a foster parent to two Malawian children, a boy and a girl having adopted them from orphanages. She first adopted David Banda in Mchinji in 2006 and returned three years later to adopt Mercy James in Thondwe, Zomba.

She promised to keep the children in touch with their cultural heritage, by taking them home frequently as one of the conditions for adoption.



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  3. Thats good news. As Malawians we have lot of pple who have better life. At least lets try to help each other first. We need sometime to give back to the community. Then international pple wil step in then Malawi wil be better place. Lets not wait for pple 4rm outside to start charity while we have lot of pple who can help each other.

  4. madonna koma nde alichikhalidwe chonyasa koopsa….pornstar,lesbian zinthu zimenezi akufuna aphunzise amalawi mzina laumphawi akuti charity work…ana akulela aja anayamba kale kuwasokoneza mitu zaka khumi zikubwelazi azasokoneza malawi ndizikhalidwe zawo zopusaaa..paja amati konza kapasi kuti kamwamba kasike nde anakonza kale kapansi.

  5. Thanx to Madona for such agood eye over problems faced in the country unlike our political leaders who only quarl for positions.Lets take it exampld.

  6. The idea is positive during this time when people are starving and how,the aid will go direct to the poor,many thanks to maddona for being a very good friend of this country,who is working tiressly interms of supporting our citizens here,many thanks indeed.

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