10 November 2016 Last updated at: 8:42 AM

Mutharika congratulates Trump on election triumph

President Peter Mutharika has led Malawians in congratulating Donald Trump as United States of America president elect.

Writing on his official Facebook page, Mutharika also hailed the US elections as a sign of a true model of democracy.

“Let me take this opportunity to congratulate President-elect of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump, following his victory in Tuesday’s election.


Congratulated by Mutharika.

“As a model of democracy to the whole world, the US sets the pace on how democratic values are nurtured to achieve meaningful and inclusive development across the board,” said Mutharika.

The Malawi leader hoped that Malawians will learn from this election of their own obligations to play a crucial role in deciding who should be given the mantle to govern their affairs.

He then expressed his government’s commitment to continued good relations with the United States in all areas of human development.

Trump defeated his opponent Hillary Clinton in the November 8 elections to become the president-elect of the United States President.

Despite their political differences, Clinton congratulated Trump for his victory and also conceded defeat in the elections.

“I just received a call from our secretary general (Hillary Clinton) about our victory in the elections,” said Trump.

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