Mutharika congratulates Trump on election triumph


President Peter Mutharika has led Malawians in congratulating Donald Trump as United States of America president elect.

Writing on his official Facebook page, Mutharika also hailed the US elections as a sign of a true model of democracy.

“Let me take this opportunity to congratulate President-elect of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump, following his victory in Tuesday’s election.

Congratulated by Mutharika.

“As a model of democracy to the whole world, the US sets the pace on how democratic values are nurtured to achieve meaningful and inclusive development across the board,” said Mutharika.

The Malawi leader hoped that Malawians will learn from this election of their own obligations to play a crucial role in deciding who should be given the mantle to govern their affairs.

He then expressed his government’s commitment to continued good relations with the United States in all areas of human development.

Trump defeated his opponent Hillary Clinton in the November 8 elections to become the president-elect of the United States President.

Despite their political differences, Clinton congratulated Trump for his victory and also conceded defeat in the elections.

“I just received a call from our secretary general (Hillary Clinton) about our victory in the elections,” said Trump.



  1. Hilary peacefuly accepted her deafet because there is not this habits of stealing votes but here in Africa especially Malawi and Zim are number 1 vote stealers am talking rearity because since 1999 my vote have been missing. Trump is right when he is saying that its better to give 1 billion dollars to Americans than to give to African countries beacause it will not rich the poor but into the pockets of corrupted leaders.poor up your socks Africa this is another guy you shall not enjoy his money easily. Done

  2. kkkkkkk koma a malawi mukumuipitsa muthu ngati mukuziwa bwanji? munangobadwa ndi tima onyasa basi mmmm ai timuyamikile wosamangonyogodola ai tiyeni sisie kaduka zopusa basi.

  3. Americans who want to come to South Africa please note:
    1. We don’t have states, we have provinces, and South Africa is one of 54 countries in Africa.
    2. We have a better Donald T, he is called uBaba or JZ, has 4 wives, you can do that too get 4, its constitutional.
    3. We don’t have miles, we have kilometers, we don’t have inches and all that nonsense here it’s very simple we use centimeters, don’t complicate things.
    4. There is a chance that you might lose your cellphone maybe twice a year, call it giving back to the community.
    5. Police don’t frequently shoot blacks like in America, only in protests (I don’t think you will do that unless you like dancing and making new songs, and acting angry).
    6. We have beautiful woman, avoid the one called Kelly Khumalo, thank me later.
    7. We won’t place you in Cape Town you might have American problems there.
    8. If you see a lot of Indians don’t worry, they are South Africans, even white people are South Africans too, yes Africa has all these people.
    9. Unfortunately there is no base ball, we don’t have foot ball, if they say foot ball, they mean soccer, when they say soccer they mean soccer, a darkie must at least be able to kick a ball. Basket ball is for rich black kids, and whites who think they are black
    10. Soccer is big here, but avoid supporting Pirates , it’s bad news, you will always be sad, they are a big team, and they don’t win often. southafrica we have blessers and not sugar daddies

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  5. Trump has just entered politics for his own advantage , he is a racist, and clinton deserved the chair , now shame for America !

  6. Next time he will congrats u when u step down, coz American polls election is an example to Africa as Continent!!!

  7. Yes I’ve seen some of his debates, he doesn’t care about Africa and he only care about Americans he doesn’t listen to other’s views So about refugees they are in troubles now. But he must know, if it’ll be like his manifestoes they’ll endup suffering with China, coz they don’t have enough resources for their industries now, coz more they were coming from Africa, So China it means can gain more & continued to rule all over the world. Bcz China always first trust to gain relationship with any country before they start to earning their needs from that country. So, America must be careful with Trump’s Manifestoes.

  8. Kkk amalawi inu si ma americanz inu ndi amalawi presdent wanu ndi pitala walomwe nde apa mukulila kukhala ngati mcp yawina kuti olamulila ndi tembo ayi inuso mu vota then muzizalila mu tavota asiyeni asankha okha kumeneko azionela okhaso kaya ndi oyipa khaya ndi wabwino tiziona koma zoti mulile malilo akuamelica aaa muchedwa

  9. we need a Donald trump in South Africa…enough with these African foreigners who keep flocking into SA in millions of numbers like heavy rainfall,and they’r busy making babies like cockroaches here..its time African leaders stood up for their citizens,and not o send all of them to south africa..this country is not paradise

    1. Fortunately SA’s Trump is not yet born and he will never.If you think about Malema he’ll never rule SA ever DA is next party to take over SA.

    2. Wat happen did foreigners fuck ur girlfriend or gv birth to ur sister or daughter. Remember United States it’s not a country BT countries same us if we unite together we can archive the way they archive.Africa 4 da Africa’s Europe 4 da Europeans

    3. South africa for south africans..zimbabweans,nigerians and more..must stay haha,United states is countries but provinces,a state is like a province..USA is one country,in north America there is USA,canada,mexico,haiti,cuba and more..but like i’re not welcome in South africa

    4. if ur crazy just go to hospital. we are here to stay this country was sold long time ago no one owns it .zims. nigerias mizambicans malawians will leave if white people leave this country too.why u reffer blacks as foreigners while u treat white as local why? dont be stupid boy we are here to stay

    5. Stevie Kaliati Mukapata its funny how you’re trying to force your self in a country that is not your own..south africa is for south africans..white people will never leave,they’re part of us..they contribute well to our economy and they pay tax..unlike you who come here illegally.

    6. everyone knows that the whites in sa contribute more tax..they are the ones who owns the reserve banks of sa,they own mines,they own shops that foreigners are employed like kfc,wimpy and shoprite..foreigners only own spaza shops and most of those are not taxed

    7. its very stupid to say whites must leave SA instead of you..they helped us build this country to be the most developed country in Africa..not you..if you cant build your country home,how can you help build SA?go away

  10. Panopa ma demonstration ali nkati kkkkkkkkkk even ma Americans ali ndi matha ndi mkuluyu.
    Koma Joshua mu ulosi wake adanena mawu ena oti ndayamba kusikhasikha komabe tidikile coz azalumbilitsidwa next yr.

    1. Si America yokha koma dziko lonse coz mfundo zake ndizovutilapo kwambiri ndiwasakho moti Mugabe ndi na president ena achikape asamale

  11. Yes indeed he looks very tuff Obama mfundo zake amakondera African countries, but now uyuyu ndi Bush di waciwiri yah!! Kaya konko ndizofuna.

  12. To me zilibwino cz mzimayiyu!! anakozekera kuyambitsa zithu zonyasa kwambiri pa Dziko lonse la pansi, monga kusayinira zoti Munthu atha! kumagona ndi nyama iliyonse monga;Galu,mbuzi,and so on popanda mlandu uliwonse!. kuvomeleza kuti Azimayi akhoza kumachosa mimba ngati sakuyifuna,eeeeeishii!!! ndizambiri zonyasa zomwe anakozekera kuti azipanga akalowa m’boma. ndiye poti MULUNGU simunthu sanamulore muthawi ino!! adikilekaye msogolomo ngati angakhalebe ndi Moyo!! zakwanilisa ulosi! ndi khumbo lake loyambisa zonyasazi through 666 way.

  13. Kaya akufuna alimbani ndiasilamu iye azafa basi palibe wamuyaya padziko ndikhulupilira iyeyo wamva chilankhulocho

  14. He is aman of his mind!! He dnt take sily things! He promice hs people to constract mpanda oh hs boundary!!against mexco and alluya!muslims alimadzi ths is bush two!! Congrants trump! Trump!

    1. Usawaletse anthu omwe akutelowo,kumunziwa munthu sikikomana naye kapena kukhala naye kokha.Mbiri ya Trump ili paliponse ndipo campaign yake,ma debate ake anthu akhala akuwatsata.Mfundo za munthu ndizomwe zimaonetsa khalidwe lake.
      Zoti Trump akudana ndi ma Africans sikunziwa and kukhonza kukhala umphawi wazaoneni kapena khondo kumene under his leadership coz mfundo zake ndizokomela iye ndi ma Mericans basi.Pomwe dziko lapansi maka African continent imadalila America komanso imapanga malonda ndi America iye mfundo zake ndizosokoneza zithu ngati zimenezi.
      Iwe ngati sukubziwapo chilichonse just shut up pls.

    2. iwe #alick_kazembe,,,,,,sukudziwa chomwe ukulankhula wamva fundo za campaign sizionetsa khalidwe la munthu phwanga ndekut politix sumaitsata,,,,,,komaso ngati mukwona ngati mumadalira america osapanga zoti muime panokha bwanj,,,,,komaso ngati wawina ndekut majority yamuvotera,,,,muzakula moyo odalira ???? zisankho zachitika ku america mukudandaula ndiinu kuno ???? anthu omvetsa chisoni

  15. Kod Ku US kulibe anyamata? asankhilanji Gogo Okugwa Kuminayu, Kkkkkkkk,,,koma Shaaah Mnzake ndi Robert Mugabe Vs Trump and Mmmmm,,,,, Malizitsani Ndinu.

  16. in 70 years this billionaire have never helped anyone so I wonder these people what they are expecting from him

    1. Ndimmene zimakhalila mbali inayo kukaimitsidwa candidate olakwika.What i have seen here is gender matters,Americans are not ready to be ruled by woman.

    2. Akapiten! When u say poor Malawians iwe ndi nzingu? Pitala wapempha chani apa? If u hv nothing better to say abwt somebody pliz shut v Hell up,, y criticising yo fellow Malawians?

    3. vuto la kusayenda a kaptain Blaise mudachi,tafikani mu new York, Kentucky and Oklahoma muzapeza ma homeless ambirimbiri

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