Devotion: Do not fight unnecessary battles


1 Samuel 17 : 25 ” And the men of Israel said, “Have you seen this man who has come up? Surely he has come up to defy Israel. And the king will enrich the man who kills him with great riches and will give him his daughter and make his father’s house free in Israel.”

Wow, what a great reward for the killer of the giant Goliath. Great riches, a princess for a wife and no taxes he and his house in Israel. That was worth fighting. David knew that this battle was worthy risking his life. He set himself to fight because his reward was certain. Immediately after hearing these rewards, someone else wanted to engage in a battle with David and he was completely ignored because the battle didn’t have any rewards.

Eliab his own brother wanted to engage in a word battle with David but David simply turned to another person. He refused to fight verbal battle with his brother because there was no rewards attached to it .1 Samuel 17 : 28-30 ” Now Eliab his eldest brother heard when he spoke to the men. And Eliab’s anger was kindled against David, and he said, “Why have you come down? And with whom have you left those few sheep in the wilderness? I know your presumption and the evil of your heart, for you have come down to see the battle.” And David said, “What have I done now? Was it not but a word?” And he turned away from him toward another, and spoke in the same way, and the people answered him again as before.”

Dont spend your time and energy in issues that dont have any rewards. If you are a success, choose what to be involved in. Any battles that dont give you any rewards are unnecessary. Avoid them at all costs.

I will never be engaged in issues that dont give me any rewards. I choose what to be involved in. On Jesus Name.Amen

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