Corrupt Police Officers on the rise in Zomba


People in Zomba district have expressed concern over the acts of some traffic police officers who demand money from road users.

This was raised on Tuesday at a meeting organized by Zomba police where the law enforcers met members of community policing, businessmen, and traditional leaders in the district to highlight some of the challenges the police are encountering in the course of carrying out their duties.

BribeThe residents disclosed that most traffic police officers ask money from drivers even if the road users’ cars have all the requirements and are fit to move on the road.

In his response, Zomba police boss Macmillan Nyirongo said his office will look into the issue and assured residents in the district they will see change on the issue.

He however told the residents that the law enforcers face many challenges including lack of transportation, fuel, and money hence they find it difficult to carry out their duties.

“We are asking for well-wishers like government, organizations, businessmen and some other individuals to help us with the mentioned items so that we can easily carry out duties our the districts,” said Nyirongo.

He also asked people in the district to work hand in hand with the police for the safety of lives and property in the country.

On his part, Traditional Authority Mulumbe thanked the police for the effort they put to reduce crime in the district. But he asked the law enforcers to respond swiftly when alerted about criminal activities.



  1. Magulu awa,Road traffic,Immigration offices, police road control waybridges,like mulomba border,Dedza,Balaka, songwe,mchinji too mach so ukawalala.

  2. The conditions in this country force everyone to become corrupt. The only difference is that some do it openly, while others do it covertly. The rest don’t have the chance to do it. Pathetic country.

  3. ziphuphu amayambisa ndi a min bus chifkwa 1 galimoto zawo zimakhala zosakwana mapepala 2 ma driver amakhala opanda ziphaso zowayeneleza kuyenda pa nseu• chifukwa ngati galimoto yako ndi yokwana driver ndi wokwana chopelekela ziphuphu sindikuchiona!

  4. Why people are concerned and surprised when their salary cannot buy kanyenya ndi mandazi. Part of their salary goes to #FEES MUST FALL.

  5. Police in Malawi love begging too much. The moment you enter Mchinji, begging starts. At Kamwendo Check point, Namitete and as you enter Lilongwe all those Police guys like begging for money….In Zambia, we have such but in Malawi its really too much. They beg with impunity shamelessly

  6. Rout Ya ZA -jali-phalombe Aliponso Mapasa Amenewa, Kaya Amalandila Salary, Ndikukayka, Agwileniso Pot Nawo Ndi Opempha Miseu iiiiiiih mwaonjedza.


  8. Malawi is poor country what use of millions of roadbrocks just waist of money for nothing.Remove roadblocks on the road miss use tax money .

  9. All traffic cops are corrupt. They wil carry on becoz their superiors are corrupt. They threaten u of arrest so that u pay at the spot. Its a new fashion in Malawi. Even in hosiptals to get a better medication u need to bribe. It everywhere and in blood of everyone.

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  11. They are not even ashamed to beg even K100 from a minbus driver, they even have personal targets, iknow of a cop who boasts he is able to get k50.000 on a good day shame!!!No wonder we have over athousand road blocks within a kilometer manned by many cops! ‘Kupempha kuposa radio Maria’

  12. Ndiye titani nawo tatopa nawo kuno ku BT, kuno kuli wa Traffic wina Dzina lache .”………..” Man ameneyo amakwanitsa target ya k100,000 pa tsiku

  13. Ku Police amalemba akuba kuti azigwila akuba anzawo ndiye sizachilendo ndipo sazasiya kubako umu ndi m’mene amadyela.

  14. Sizakuti Zomba in malwi pa roadblock iliyonse ukakhara kti linces ilipo mafuso amachuluka mpaka kukufusa kwanu kumuzi, mukasephana kochokera ndi wa police wakumalawi mlandu wakwana mxiem

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