US election results: Donald Trump defeats Hillary Clinton to win presidential race

Republican Donald Trump has stunned the world by defeating Hillary Clinton in the race for the White House, ending eight years of Democratic rule and sending the United States on a new, uncertain path.

Key points:

  • Donald Trump will become America’s 45th president, according to Antony Green
  • Mr Trump defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton in some key swing states
  • Mrs Clinton will not be speaking publicly tonight
  • We’re expecting to hear from Mr Trump soon
Trump heading to the White House.
Trump heading to the White House.

Mr Trump took to the stage with his family to claim victory at his New York headquarters, and said he had taken a call from Mrs Clinton, who will not be speaking publicly this evening.

“She congratulated us and I congratulated her on a very very hard fought campaign. We owe her a major debt of gratitude to for her service to our country,” he said.

Mr Trump had repeatedly slammed his campaign rival as “crooked” during their bruising campaign.

Claiming victory, the president-elect said it was time to “heal the divisions” caused by the campaign and find common ground.



  1. mavuto kumapeto kwa dziko,the end of democ,africa mavuto,aid zero,kumakonzekera mapama,jesus help the world,help us musalore warried,mgwirizano wa these 2 superpowers ubweretsa chitetezo?

  2. Ifenso “lets make MALAWI Great again” lets bring back Malawi.

  3. Aaa,this is a good result.Dnt just look at the bad side of #J TRUMP,this election has brought forward alot of things to learn from as upcoming democracies..Big up for trump he deserves what americans reserved for him.

  4. Amalawi kupusa nthawi yachisankho ku malawi mudzamva timabungwe 50/50 campaign,idont know anthu mukamatengeka ndi timabungwe ta ku america,amabweretsa zinthu ku africa zomwe kwawoko sakwaniritsa.apa iwo amukana mzimayi ndie gender amalimbikittsayo ili kuti? iwo akadakhala chitsanzo posankha mzimayi

  5. and wen u see adisclegius object standing where he should not be run to the mountains this is the end of tym how can aracist aperson who doesn’t see women as people atax invader win an election this is a signal of the end welcome to the end of days

  6. In America you can promise this and that but as soon you become a president then you becomes a puppet to Illuminant/freemasonic leadership. What they said is not what they will do. Satanism is ruling America.

  7. Womens job is to be fucked, not rulling men. shame on u media who wanted clinton u have mesirably goofed hehehe. AMERICANS HAVE SPOKEN

  8. On 6th November a Pastor in Nigeria T.B Joshua made a prophecy that a woman would win USA presidential election and today Donald Trump won. This is how the Pastors are lying to their followers to lure them to Christianity telling lies of the unseen. “…To Allah belongs the Ghaib (unseen) of the heavens and the earth, and to Him return all affairs (for decision). So worship Him and put your trust in Him. And your Lord is not unaware of what you (people) do.” Qur’an 11:123

    1. False Prophets the Bible said it,and thy make money in the name of God,but the truth is,soon their followers will receive 666 not knowing abd by the time they will knw,will be too late for them

    2. Confession by mouth that Jesus is Lord and Savior” and Accepting in your heart that He rose from the Dead! =Salvation. ..

    1. I wish Mr Trump well success what we ask you is make what you promise the American. Peter Muthalika be ready you wanna go like Obama and Hillary Clinton MCP either UDF boma 2019 taona taphunzira pa USA DPP pa ulendo

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