9 November 2016 Last updated at: 3:52 PM

Just in: Police officer shot in exchange of fire with thugs in Mulanje

Police in Mulanje this morning shot two thugs who injured an officer and tried to steal a gun from officers manning a roadblock in the district.


The injured robbers placed in Police vehicle.

According to Mulanje Police Public Relations Officer Gresham Ngwira, the two thugs who were wearing masks came out of a tea estate and invaded the roadblock that was mounted at Ng’omba along Muloza-Mulanje Road.

One of them who had a pistol, shot the officer Sub Inspector Masautso Phiri on his left leg and grabbed a BXP rifle before running towards Mimosa forest.

Other police officers followed the thugs and there was an exchange of gunfire that left the two criminals injured.

The police then recovered their rifle, a BXP, and seized the criminals’ pistol.

Ngwira has identified the criminals as Edwin M’bwana, about 32 and Chimwemwe Frank about 36 both from Mbayani in Blantyre.

They are both in critical condition. The injured officer was taken to Mulanje hospital where he is receiving treament.

Meanwhile, police in the district say they are happy that the two rifles have been recovered since the weapons could have been used to cause terror to the community.

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