Men nabbed for ‘marrying’ Standard 3 pupil


Three people are in police custody in Mchinji district after they were found keeping in their house three underage girls with the aim of sexually abusing them.

Mchinji Police Public Relations Officer Kaitano Lubrino said the issue was revealed on Saturday when police were investigating a similar case in which a certain woman lodged a complaint concerning the missing of her daughter.

SexAccording to Lubrino, it was during this assignment when the police were tipped about the three young girls who are primary school learners.

The girls were harboured in one house within Robert 4 village in the area of Traditional Authority Zulu in the district.

“The girls who are in standard 3, 5, and 6 and are under the age of fifteen were indeed traced by police and were found gambling in the said house,” said Lubrino.

“Information which Mchinji police have gathered indicates that the girls live with single parent as a result of either divorce or death and this according to the girls made their lives unbearable,” added Lubrino.

The men, Cassim Asima aged 20, Pilirani Lembani aged 19, and Matias Banda, 19, took advantage of the girls’ situation and coaxed them into the single rented house where they sexually harassed them for over a week.

Police have so far arrested the three men and have charged them with abduction though the three may face additional charges after investigations.

Asima and Lembani are from Robert 4 village while Banda comes from village Karonga, all from the area of Traditional Authority Zulu in Mchinji.

Meanwhile the police in Mchinji are warning men to refrain from sexually abusing girls and women. Lubrino said it is against the law to have sex with minors hence anybody found in conflict with the law will face consequences.



  1. It’s either a guy has got an impair judgment or a pupil iz old enough despite her education status. So first we should sort out the issue before we blaming.

  2. No discussion, forgiveness or whatsoever…….prison straight with very hard labour. How would they feel if those were there children ? Men with empty heads (brainless).

  3. Akhonza kukhala wa standard 3 koma ali ndi dzaka 22 ndiye zikatero palibe mulandu. Nkhani si standard 3 koma kuti analindi zaka zingati…

  4. Koma ndiye chisawawa, magayezi atatu machick achifana atatu, deni imodzi, koma ndiye chisawawa chomangosinthana kumeko, kumangodya amene wakusangalasa day imeneyo…my malawi

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