Malawi Police officers kill one, injure two thieves in Blantyre


Malawi Police officers in the commercial city of Blantyre on Sunday shot three people suspected to be thieves, killing one and injuring the other two.

A source who spoke to this publication revealed that the police officers were alerted about the three suspicious men seen at Chilomoni Teachers Development Center.

gun“When the officers arrived at the scene the thieves started running away, at first the law enforcers shot in the air but the men continued running away.

“The police then decided to shoot the suspects, killing one and injuring the other two,” said the source who opted for anonymity.

The injured suspects told police that they are members of community policing and that they were running away because they were scared of the gun.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi24 on Monday evening, National Police spokesperson James Kadadzera confirmed the shooting of the three.

“Yes I can confirm the shooting incident but investigations are underway on the matter,” said Kadadzera.

Meanwhile one of the injured suspects is currently admitted at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH) for medical treatment while the other one was treated as an outpatient.



  1. Ngati mtendele palibe wogwilira mbava force must be come out,dats police policy,police officers kp on gud work,zikumunyasayo ndiye mbava yaikuluyo.

  2. well done police,you are sending clear masenge to all tose bastard out there who are thinking of doing such senseless crime,pls kill them and don’t show any mercy when you find them.

  3. well done police,you are sending clear masenge to all tose bastard out there who are thinking of doing such senseless crime,pls kill them and don’t show any mercy when you find them.

  4. our judges r incompetent so police good pa good, but one mistake u have left two of them nthena mwanguphulisa wose tavuka nawo wankhungu but now go to calital hill and pulisa the so called cashgaters kkkkkkkkkk hokoyo take cover moto umapita kumene kwatsala thondo

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  8. No no suspects is not a thieves bt the process to find out the truth, he can be athieve or not, hey u police don’t continue to treat people in that way ur committing asin

  9. Y killing them no no no, wht if they a not guilty, and the court have to decide not the police, there job is catch the suspects and bring them to court but not to kill them, it’s against the law of malawi.

  10. Why killing and injuring a suspect? Ife tikapanga zoterozo mumati ndi Mob Justice. Police should have applied their professional tactics and apprehend these so called thieves. Good job though, we are proud of you police you do a wonderful job, Koma muwauze akulemberani nkhani yanuyi kuti asamati inu mwaombera suspected thieves Koma aziti apolisi aombera anthu amene amaba the word suspect asamayikepo chifukwa ma suspect ambiri akhala akuphedwa mu njira yija timati Mob Justice. Inuyo simunaphe kapena kuombera suspect Koma anthu amene amaba

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  12. You mustn’t kill but jst shoot the parts which they can easy to heal becouse in the world their are no body who want to die. also is the job of them, the keep own family and we must ask ourself why they doing those ones?’they are jobless as we know already now adays the problem ofjobs the need paper .is very different with south africa and outside country ! So jst shoot nice prt if the try to opose you the police and arrest them.

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  15. You can not kill a suspect, you must kill a thief. What if those guys are not the ones ? Fr the statement that the admin, wrote doesn’t prove that the police did the decision on pulling the trigger. We don’t want story fe suspect but initial one that we can comment it .

  16. u dont kill until proven guilty what the officer did is against the laws of malawi!!!!!.!he shud be brought to the book…nobody gets away with murdere. …

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