8 November 2016 Last updated at: 12:15 PM

DPP on Chakwera’s neck: he should be ready to leave politics and become a Prophet

President Peter Mutharika’s main duty in Mulanje on Monday was to launch the Likhubula water project but the Malawi leader and his ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) underlings used the event to castigate leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera.

DPP through its officials took to the podium to attack Chakwera for his opinions on the socio-economic hardships that have marred the country.


Mutharika’s DPP is not done with Chakwera.

The party’s Regional governor for the South Charles Mchacha told the masses that gathered in faith to witness the launch of the multibillion kwacha water project that he is protecting the party and Mutharika by castigating the leader of opposition.

“Asiye chipongwe chifukwa ife tikayamba kuyankhula nawo sizikhala bwino, akonzeke abusa a Chakwera kubwerera ku church 2019 (He should stop insulting us because when we start revenging things won’t be good, Chakwera should be ready to go back to his pastoral work in 2019).

“Sikutiso akakhala m’busa wamba akakhala prophet kuti azikazutsa anthu akufa ndi wodwalika (and he will not just be a pastor but a prophet so that he can be performing miracles),” said Mchacha.

DPP secretary general Ecklen Kudontoni then mocked Chakwera for speaking against Mutharika’s decision to hike the price of staple grains in Admarc depots.

Vice president for the party in southern region George Chaponda who is also minister responsible for water and irrigation also took time to dress down the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) leader before leaving the podium for Mutharika.

The Malawi leader began his speech by thanking the Mulanje residents for voting him into power in the 2014 presidential elections.

“Munandipasa ma voti 175,274 pamene a Chakwera munawapatsa 3000 votes. Yanga 82 percent, 18 percent yomwe inavotera a Chakwera kaya inali yoledzera but am sure sazavotatso (I amassed 175,274 votes from this area while Chakwera got 3000 votes. My votes represented 82 percent of total votes, the 18 percent that voted for Chakwera were possibly people who were drunk but am sure they are not going to vote for him again),” said Mutharika.

The DPP officials have since hit back at critics on the hardships the country is facing saying Mutharika is not responsible for the challenges but he is committed to find solutions.

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