BREAKING: Wandale gets a suspended sentence

Vincent Wandale

Vincent Wandale: Gets a suspended sentence.

Self claimed President of the Republic of Thyolo and Mulanje Vincent Wandale has been given a suspended sentence of 18 months by the High Court in Blantyre today.

He was convicted of conspiracy to commit a misdemeanour, unauthorised use of land and criminal trespass.

Wandale was arrested two months ago for mobilizing locals in the two districts to share land that belongs to tea estate owners.

He, under People’s Land Organization (PLO), was reported to have grabbed land at Conforzi tea estate.

He has been ordered by the court to have a surety of MK 100, 000 and not commit any crime in the said 18 months.

Senior Resident Magistrate Thokozani Soko, said mitigation factors of Wandale being a first offender and a person who is aged.






  1. Congratulations to the the judiciary for going by the books in dealing with the minor misdemeanor case here in’s not a criminal case in nature but rather a disorderly conduct likely to cause breach of Piece.(I tend to wonder definition of the two) MJ woyee!!! TO woyeee!!!

  2. Suspended sentence means that the conviction is held back not implemented
    The convicted party is released free, But should he get into trouble or appear before the court within the next year or 18 months the original charge may be imposed and the convicted party may be sent to jail for that 18 months,
    Is given to first time offenders on minor crimes with the hope they do not committ another crime

  3. nkhaniyi yaikidwa 4hrs ago km ndamanga osakwana 50 but adakakhala zomwe amachita wandale anali mtumbuka hiii ndamanga zokhazo lolo

    • ukamva umbuli ndiumenewo kumanga nyumba yabwino ndikupanga business kudera lina ndizithu zomwe ndizamunthu payenkha eg mwenye ndi mtumbuka ife sitimanga chipatala ndi xool for free . nkhani ya chitukuko ndi ya boma kumpoto MRA imatolera ndalama za Msonkho over 100billion kuzera kukaronga izo ndizaboma not us but mbuzi like you bwenzi ukufusa boma kuti ife mutitani? mr somanje go back to xool plz

    • zako izo iwe ndiye mbuzi yamano kunsi chilungamo kupweteka chomwe nkutanthauz ukuziwa .iweyo ndiye mbuli yothera which xool ara you talking about fagot.educated savage like u.mxiiiii

    • paja ngati umenyana ndi chitsiru anthu owona sangasiyanise that’s why ndende zikuluzikulu m’Malawi muno zimapezeka kumwera ndi pakati

    • proud tumbuka, #Ekari ndinu mbuli yothelathu town ilibe mwini, iwe mwini wake wa town umakhala uvutika pomwe obwela amasangalala, go to Jhb even tanzania or ko konkuno ayawo ali pali ponse! iweyo ukudana ndi atumbuka basi ukhalira yomweyo

    • it means that the sentence given to him is suspended for certain period in this case for 18 months, but the sentence can be reinstated if he violates the conditions of that suspended sentence. i hope this makes sense.

  4. We Malawians don’t judge our braz . Those whites provide us jobs for our parents, beautifies the country. Will you give them their basis if you chase them? How can we develop if we chase investors? And yet, we look for their interventions .lets us guide our sponsors well and not cheat Malawians

  5. Another head of state rigged the law? ah please nipatseni ka frozy nimwele though nikoletsedwa…hehehe!! its political diarrhoea in malawi everybody is just shiting everywhere against the law…should we put the blame on the shoulders of like unpatriotic kind of ‘leadership’? eh nalekako!!

  6. Chamba basi kumulanjeko!!!!! kod dziko limodzi udaona kut kunkhala ndi ma puledzide awili???? dzikukanikano kuno ku south africa dziko lalikulu komaso lolemera, mizambiqu, koma kanundu basi!!! achepetsa chilangocho

  7. wandale is the head of state of thyolo,mulanje along side phalombe.indeed he is leader of three districts we hv seen hw the court has fairly punished him

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  9. Just leave him coz he knows what he is doing, DPP are crooks and thieves they connive with foreignors to steal our land and make use of us

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