Water shortages force MUST closure


Continued water shortages at Malawi University of Science and Technology [MUST] have forced the management to temporarily close the institution, Malawi24 can reveal.

MUST closed.

According to a statement released by the University through its registrar Dr. Tarsizius Nampota, the decision to have the University closed is due to the scarcity of water on campus as a result of the breakdown of the water pumps that supply the institution with water.

“Due to the scarcity of water on campus as a result of the breakdown of the water pumps that supply with water, management has resolved to close the campus temporarily.”

“All students are therefore advised to leave the campus by 4:00 p.m today. We shall communicate the date when the University shall resume. It is our hope and prayer that this will be soon,” reads the statement from the University.

This is the third public University to be closed following the prolonged spell of Polytechnic students who have no idea of when the University will be opened and Mzuzu University.



  1. We saw this coming the time the University was opened. Without connection to a reliable water grid, even the administrators of the university knew this problem would come. The lasting solution is the proposed Mulanje mountain water grid. It is our prayer that the project will come to fruition as soon as possible.

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  3. Ths entails that the gvt doesnt care abt education koz all these institutions are closed Poly, Mzun, Must, NRC, Health Sciences ,Chanco. Only Community Colleges

  4. “Water shortage has not been created by the DPP but the previous governments….”- Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika, President of Malawi.

  5. Malawi is prosperity in disguise..we speak of promoting education.? chanco clozd,mzun clozd,nrc closd ,health sciencez clozd.,must clozd..aaah uyu ndiye phada wenwen…olo munthu oweta mbuzi sangalole kuti xichtke

  6. Palibe chabwinoso in these pulic xools, when it comes to ma demo munalekerela kalekale coz students r the ones who controls the univesity not government or management of xools , basi tiyeni titumize ana ambili ku ma xool amenewa coz u said kuli maphuziro abwino, ophuzira bwanji pamene ulibe fees , madzi akuvuta, then shudd we expect malawi will develop?

  7. Nanikule collage is failing to be opened due to water problem but its in LL
    Zangovuta ku bomaku abale anga
    Nanga Poly closed,Mzuni closed,NRC closed MUST closed

  8. Had it been it was chanco closed coz of the same issue, people could talk castigating the students wthout seeking authenticity of their source of info koma pakt ndku MUST pple, the public, the whole world z quite. They are not even disclosing that the student DEMOSTRATED abeit b4 the closure. I dont knw kt kaya kuchanco kunalakwa chani

    1. Nawenso kamba zanzeru apa tasiya nyasi zako zisankhozo, it is a purpose of university student to do reaserch for their problem and find a solution plus implement it. Osati zako zanyawu ukamba apaziyi

    2. Baba where ever the university can be there is a problem, its not one district problem tikukambapano madzi asiya dzulo kutuluka ku likuni, chinsapo. Magetsi angoyaka kumene. Wherever in malawi there is a problem

  9. College of science and technology has no water what kind of science does they training students? I thought such institution was suppose to provide experimental solution to the national problem. No wander they have to close, because its useless university

    1. Man MUST is unmatched and if u cei its useless u just show what u lack…..where excellence reign not very good or good. proud of ma gcolle

    2. i hope u dont know wat ur talking man! how many yrs have MUST been in operation? ask Prof. Garry what plans are there for MUST! Very good plans! MUST Has answers for Malawi’s problem! tipatse nthawi! we want to bring to Malawians zithu zakupsa not phala!

    3. Dude i know what I’m talking about, if this university has students for two years or more it has all to show its benefit, if there is any student who enrolled two years ago that student should be by now prove its technical knowledge. By the end of fourth year a student can manage project idea such as water science and Management. What are you trying to lie about. I went to college within 12 months i was told to scan liver problems, by the end of 24 month i was able to find abnormalities of liver, intestines, heart and women problems by the end of 30 months independent technician. Then you are talking of malawis lazy style of studying, waiting white people to hire you on there UK studying projects. Woke up amalawi opusa inu munakhala bwanji ( a chair). Mwana waku college by second year amayenera akhale ready for such reaserch problem and solution findings.

  10. Malo Okongola Ngat amenewa Madzi mkumavuta ,koma Malawi sazatheka .and zimenz zikuchedwetsa maphudziro zomwe zikupititsa umphawi chitsogolo#MAlawi

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