Wandale’s ICC case is misplaced – Kanyongolo

Vincent Wandale
Vincent Wandale
Vincent Wandale: Wantsto head to the ICC.

Legal experts in Malawi have crushed the idea of leader of Peoples Land Organization (PLO) Vincent Wandale to take his appeal to the International Criminal Court (ICC) arguing the local court did not have power to make a ruling on the issue.

The development follows the conviction of Wandale on three charges leveled against him on the Mulanje and Thyolo land grabbing case at Conforzi tea plantation.

Blantyre Senior Magistrate Thokozani Soko ruled that Wandale had no facts to be proven beyond reasonable doubt that he and his group have land in the so called tea estates.

Reacting on his conviction, Wandale disclosed that he is to appeal at the ICC arguing that the matter involves two countries of Malawi and United States of Thyolo and Mulanje.

“I don’t care whether the court recognizes it or not. We will also be taking this issue to International Criminal Justice (ICC) in Hague for its final determination on our land,” challenged Wandale.

However legal experts Edge Kanyongolo and Justin Dzodzi have crushed the idea saying Wandale seems to lack legal guidance on the matter.

“The ICC looks at War crimes and Crime against humanity I don’t think there is sufficient facts on the war crime. I would therefore suggests that the most logical way is to take the local remedy by appealing to above courts,” said Kanyongolo on the local press.

Concurring with Kanyongolo, another expert Justin Dzodzi said Wandale is losing direction and deepening himself in another case of treason and sedition following the declaration of Mulanje and Thyolo to be a standalone nation.

Vincent Wandale is yet to get his sentence on the land grabbing cases.



  1. Maloto ena ndiopweteketsa zedi….. munthu kulota uli president wa United states podzuka nkupeza wagona pa mkeka obooka kkkkkkkkkkk ine ndi wa ku thyolo koma maloto a mkulu yi akundivuta kutanthauzira coz PETER mutharika ndi wa ku thyolo and zomwe akulota mkulu yi zikhoza kumulowetsa mmavuto aakulu ….. sizotheka kuganiza zolanda motherland ya president wa dziko kuti likhale dziko lako. Ngati akufuna ku joina ndale akanangoyambitsa chipani osati kuyambitsa dziko ai iyo ndi misala ndithu

  2. But why United states of Thyolo and Mulanje?Something really is going a miss here,but for the land issue these two district has suffered so much,looks like untill Jesus come the land issue will not be resolved

  3. Though the case has gone against Mr. Vincent Wandale, I strongly believe that his reasoning is good for the landless people of the two districts. How was the court expecting him to prove that he own the land in the tea estates, while he already said that the land was grabbed from their departed grandparents? Land grabbing simply means there was use of force and thus the whole process lacked justice. In other words, the land was unjustly acquired by the rich and the powerful of that time.
    Believe you me that even if he is sent to jail for taking part in trying to bring about a lasting solution to the land problems in Thyolo and Mulanje, more land related disputes will arise.

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