7 November 2016 Last updated at: 9:06 AM

Lodge gives locals employment opportunities

A lodge known at Kataya at Ngala beach site in Nkhotakota which is owned by a Malawian is taking a role in reducing unemployment levels among Malawians in the area.

As the country is being hit by high levels of unemployment, the lodge which is owned by Takondwa Mwale considers the local community members in the area when offering jobs on various posts.

When Malawi24 visited the place, it learnt that most of the employees at the place are from areas that surround the lodge.


Ngala-beach helping Malawians.

One of the people who have benefited from the lodge is Christina Mwale, a receptionist at the lodge.

According to Mwale, the lodge employed her even though she did not have necessary qualifications since the Malawian owner first considered the community members when offering jobs.

Mwale said that the job is now helping her to support her mother.

“At first in our family we were facing challenges to survive but now at least we are able to live better life because Mr Mwale employed me,” said Mwale.

She added that the lodge is also equipping the community members with experiences in various hospitality areas which they may use to get employed elsewhere.

In other initiatives, the lodge is also supporting the community members in construction of school blocks and a church.

Kataya Lodge is situated at Ngala beach site, some 12 kilometres from Dwangwa Trading Centre in Nkhotakota district.

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