7 November 2016 Last updated at: 1:09 PM

Frozy still on Malawi Market

Despite the Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBS) banning the Mozambican made fizzy drink called Frozy in Malawi, Malawi24 has found that the drink is still scoring on Malawi’s markets.


Frozy; Still on Malawi’s markets.

Malawi24 has noted that in a lot of areas particularly in trading centres the fizzy drink is still leading.

For example, at Golomoti Trading Centre in Dedza district Frozy is sold more than any other drink contrary to Malawi Bureau of Standards order of not seeing Frozy on Malawi market.

Malawi24 has also established that even in some cities of the country like Lilongwe, Frozy is still being sold openly.

The Malawi Bureau of Standards banned the sale of Frozy in the country saying the drink contains high levels of citric acid making it unhealthy for Malawians.

MBS banned the consumption, sale and distribution of this drink until the regulatory body conducts further tests.

The ban of Frozy did not please the company that produce the drink as it claimed that the drink is of good standard and is accepted by the Ministry of Health in Mozambique where it was made.

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