7 November 2016 Last updated at: 2:45 PM

Crocodile kills a six year-old boy in Nkhatabay

A six year-old boy has died in Nkhatabay district after being attacked by a crocodile in Limphasa River.

crocodileThe boy Patrick Chunda was attacked on Friday in Bwanthuwa village, Traditional Authority Timbiri in Nkhatabay.

According to police, on the day of the incident Patrick accompanied his mother to Limphasa River where the latter wanted to wash clothes.

To pass time and freshen himself up taking into account the hot weather we are currently experiencing, the young Patrick couldn’t do otherwise but to swim in shallow waters of the said river.

No sooner had Patrick started enjoying the fresh waters than a crocodile attacked him. His mother shouted for help after her efforts to rescue him hit a snag as the crocodile took the innocent boy to an unknown destination within the river.

Community members gathered at the scene of the incident and a search for both the boy and the crocodile resumed.

Later, Patrick was found dead and search continued for the crocodile which was also found and killed. But the animal did not die without a fight as it also bit one of the villagers on his right arm.

According to Public Relations officer for Nkhatabay police Ignacious Esau, police and medical personnel visited the scene of the horrible incident and postmortem that was conducted showed that Patrick’s death was due to severe loss of blood caused by open wounds incurred during the attack.

Patrick Chunda hailed from Bwanthuwa village, Traditional Authority Timbili in Nkhatabay district.

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