5 years only for 61 year old man who raped granddaughter


The Msongandeu first grade magistrate court in Dowa has sentenced a 61 year-old man to five years imprisonment with hard labour for raping his 14 year-old granddaughter.

The convict has been identified as Evance Chinyamula. Police Prosecutor Benedicto Manthambo told the court that the sexual abuse happened at Ng’anjo village in June this year.

CourtAccording to Manthambo, on this day the victim went to see her grandmother who was sick and during the night the convict invited the victim to his house and told her that he wanted have sex with her so that the way of her private parts should be opened and she should not have problems when she gets married.

“He further told the victim that he has already done this to other girls in the village of Ng’anjo,” Manthambo told the court.

The man then raped the girl. When the victim went to her home village at Chezi, she informed her mother of the issue and the woman reported the matter to Chezi police unit. The victim was taken to chakhungu health centre for examination that proved that she was indeed sexually abused.

This led to the arrest of the rapist. In court Police prosecutor Benedicto Mathambo asked the court to give a stiff sentence to deter other would be offenders.

“Your worship the offence committed is serious in nature and this man was responsible for taking care of the girl not defiling her,” said the police prosecutor.

In mitigation, the convict said that his wife died and he looks after his children, but the first grade magistrate Immulan Phiri quashed all this and sentenced him to 5 years imprisonment with hard labour to set as an example to others.

The convict comes from Ng’anjo village Traditional Authority Mkukula in Dowa district.



  1. Why 5yrs Only??? Ziwanda za anthu ngati izi nzofunika zizifela kundende.

  2. Agogo Bwanji Nangaso!Malo Moti Muzilima Mizimbe,Mteza,Tomato,Mbatata Taonani Gogo wakundende Nde kundende Mmene Kuwawilamo Gogo!AAaa Mukafela Komweko B4 5yrs.

  3. Nganga yathakale iyi osangoyitaya bwanji ikabwelako imeneyo kumakhala ndi chifundo penapake munthu amafuna azitolele

  4. Kod ma rape Case akuchuluka buanj ofunika kafukufuku ,Madalawo osangokwatira buanj .and the sentence is not that good ,anthu akumazolowera kwambiri amenewa ofunika a taugh penaty #doesnt FEelGood.

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