20 months in jail for biting woman’s lip


The Kasungu Second Grade Magistrate court on Thursday sentenced a 19 year-old woman to 20 months imprisonment for biting and deforming the lower lip of a another woman.

Deputy Public Relations Officer for Kasungu police Harry Namwaza said the convict Stella Nkhoma picked up a quarrel with the victim 20 year-old Lea Phiri at a funeral ceremony in Kayembe village where they both live.

Prison“The two also met at a borehole on another day where the quarrel resumed and resulted into a fight,” Namwaza added.

During the course of the fight Nkhoma bit her enemy’s lower lip to the extent of permanently deforming her.

Nkhoma was later arrested and when she appeared in court she admitted biting the victim.

State Prosecutor Sergeant Agness Thindwa then asked the court for stiff punishment considering the gravity of the injury the convict inflicted on the victim.

On his part, Magistrate Thomson Midias said the court could not let the convict go unpunished considering that the victim has a permanent deformity on her lower lip. He then sentenced Nkhoma to 20 months in prison.

Both Nkhoma and Phiri comes from Kayembe village, Traditional Authority Mwase in Kasungu district.



  1. First quarrels at funeral ceremony and second quarrels at borehole and resulted into a fight,okey,why they are fighting,admin did you hear the case?

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