6 November 2016 Last updated at: 10:57 AM

Malawians urged to start working hard

Renowned business tycoon James Chiutsi has urged Malawians to embrace the concept of working hard in order to improve their financial status.


Chiutsi: start working hard

Speaking in an interview, Chiutsi who is also President of Small and Medium Business Enterprise Association (SMEA) said it is worrisome to learn that most Malawians have almost given up in their lives and they no longer have hope that they can improve their financial status.

He said improving financial status of oneself depends on determination and thinking outside the box hence anyone can be able to achieve financial success.

He went on to advice Malawians to avoid overspending on luxurious materials, saying the habit has seen many people compromising their financial flow.

“You find some people rushing to buy posh cars and flat screens. This habit is very dangerous and can make someone die in poverty,” he said.

Speaking on the same issue, economist Henry Kachaje concurred with Chiutsi saying improving ones financial status is possible.

He said becoming financially stable does not mean someone should be earning a huge monthly payment but rather how one thinks of investing the money.

“Anybody can make it. There are no boundaries. What is needed for someone to be financially stable is having the right mindset.

“People must know how to manage the money they earn, whether monthly or daily. It doesn’t mean that you should be receiving a lot for you to become financially stable,” said Kachaje.

The two commentators also shared the same line of thinking when urging Malawians to engage in various income generating activities. They also urged government to implement measures that may help small and medium businesses to succeed.

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