Child with brain condition needs funds for medical help


A woman in Nkhatabay is in need of medical help for her one year-old daughter who has an enlarged head, a medical condition which two hospitals in northern region failed to treat.

The woman identified as 24 year-old Rachel Banda and her daughter Kumbukani Phiri live in Thula village, Traditional Authority Malanda in Nkhatabay. The village is almost two kilometres from Chintheche trading centre in the district.

The child Kumbukani Phiri and her mother

The child’s head enlarged due to what medical experts say is accumulation of cerebral spinal fluid in the brain. If the problem is left untreated, the excess fluid puts pressure on the brain which can damage it. Medics say the condition is treated through an operation that involves inserting a small tube to drain the fluids.

According to Raymond M’mangisa who posted the woman’s story on Facebook, the woman took her daughter to Nkhatabay and Mzuzu hospitals but doctors told her there was nothing they could do about the child’s condition.

The woman is now destitute since she takes care of the child on her own as the father of Kumbukani abandoned them for another woman because of the problem that the one year-old girl has.

Meanwhile, M’mangisa has begun mobilizing funds through Facebook so that the child can be sent to Queens Elizabeth Central Hospital or any hospital where she can get medical help.

“I felt for the mum and the calm looking baby, this where I wish I was a millionaire and send them for medical attention abroad, but realizing the power of social media I believe we can do something for this little one,” wrote M’mangisa in a Facebook post.

He then asked Facebook friends and friends of friends to donate at least K1000 each In order to help the young girl.

Well-wishers who want to support can liaise with M’mangisa through this link:




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