Britam donates K500,000 to Southern Region Socials


British American Insurance Company (Britam) has donated K500,000 to Southern Region Socials Football team (SR) for their Mzuzu trip next week.

Have received support: SR socials

Formerly of Real Insurance, Britam Insurance Company made the donation on Friday morning at their offices in Blantyre where officials from SR were present to witness the good gesture done by the company.

The money was given in a form of a cheque through the company’ Marketing and Product Development Manager Sellinah Nkhoma who said Britam is very much excited to partner with the media fratenity especially sports reporters as well as administrators.

“We are very delighted to partner with the media fratenity especially sports reporters and administrators because sports unite people from every angle so we thought it wise to sponsor them for their trip to Mzuzu next week where they will play various social games,” she said.

She also promised that her company will sponsor the Sports and Journalists (SAJ) tournament which is scheduled to take place in Lilongwe next year.

“If they manage the funds very well, we will definitely sponsor the SAJ tournament next year in Lilongwe,” she explained.

Nkhoma also revealed that Britam will provide 30 t-shirts to SR team before departing for Mzuzu next week as part of their new partnership.

And speaking on behalf of SR, General Secretary Mabvuto Lungu said he was delighted with the gesture shown by Britam.

“It’s a timely boost for us considering the fact that we will be leaving for Mzuzu next week where we will play various games with our counterparts. We are very greatful to Britam for this gesture and as SR, we will give them the much needed publicity in order for them to reach every Malawian.”

“As you have heard, they have promised to sponsor SAJ tournament next year in Lilongwe if we manage the funds very well and we will surely do that to safe guard this partnership,” he concluded.

Representing the players, Victor Singano hailed Britam for coming to their rescue.

“On behalf of the players, let me thank Britam for this donation. It’s a timely boost to us and when we go to Mzuzu, we will give it all to welcome them on board in a gland style,” he said.



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