We will continue elevating chiefs – Govt

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The Malawi Government says it will not stop elevating chiefs in the country since the traditional leaders facilitate development projects in their areas.

Minister of local government Kondwani Nankhumwa made the remarks in Karonga on Thursday when he was elevating Traditional Authority Mwilang’ombe to Senior Chief.

He said chiefs are the ones who work hard at local level to make sure government plans are implemented

Kondwani Nankhumwa.
Nankhumwa: We will keep on promoting chiefs.

”We recognise the big contributions chiefs bring in as far as the development of an area is concerned and government will continue elevating chiefs so that development continues,” said Nankhumwa.

He then condemned some chiefs who are involved in corrupt practices saying government does not condone such acts.

Nankhumwa said corruption is wrong and evil anywhere hence the need for chiefs to shun it as it retards development of an area.

Speaking at the same ceremony, Member of Parliament for the area Richard Msowoya expressed delight to see a traditional leader from his area getting elevated to senior chief but he advised him to concentrate on development and not politics.

Msowoya also asked government to explain to his constituents whether the elevation is permanent and will still be maintained even if the current chief dies.

“What worries people here is whether the title of senior chief is permanent or temporarily to Mwilang’ombe chieftaincy especially if the current chief dies because sometimes such kind of promotions are being politicized,” he said.



  1. Leave our chiefs work with goverment not political paty ! you take blue itakongolesedwa ndi chimanga. mukumatipombonezela mafumu athu! chaka chino mafumu tigwile nthito ndi boma mbendela pink! mugwile ntchito ndi boma mbendela yellow! mugwile ntchito ndi mbendela blue! kodi mbendela ya boma simumayiziwa? kufuna kupusisa mafumu athu

  2. Stop fooling us, thats your way of asking royalty to these chiefs, you just want to buy favours from them, why not elevat civil sevents who are have been on a small position for a long time, have you ever thought about those civil sevents? Even JB did the same likewise Bakili Muluzi and Bingu!

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