Regionalism destroying Malawian politics – analyst

One of the country’s political commentators says regionalism is one of the major factors which have destroyed Malawian politics.

'Politicians in Malawi favour region they come from'.
‘Politicians in Malawi favour region they come from’.

The commentator, Laudon Malingamoyo Phiri, said the focus on regions has negatively affected politics in Malawi.

He gave an example of the recent by-elections in which parties won sits only in regions where party leaders come from.

During the November 1 by-elections, the Malawi Congress Party won in Mchinji West Constituency, Kaliyeka ward in Lilongwe, and Bembeke ward in Dedza, areas which are in the central region.

On the other hand, the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) won in Bunda Ward in Kasungu and Sadzi ward in Zomba, in central region and Southern region respectively.

Laudon Malingamoyo Phiri
Malingamoyo Phiri; We need change.

According to the commentator, this is not good especially for the development of the country since Malawi cannot develop with such regionalism.

“There is no doubt we have a disease of negative political isms in Malawi. That is, nepotism; regionalism; tribalism.

“As it is now, it seems it is going to take at least some time to eradicate this. However, with the growing of our population, and the intermarriages across all regions, there is hope for unity in the future,” said Phiri.

He added that there is the possibility that with the growth of technology and spread of information, changes can be made.

Phiri however warned that there will be little or no significant economic growth in the country if much of economic distribution and redistribution will be based on favoritism.

“For instance, you find those in power distributing subsidised items such as fertilizers to areas that are not strong in agriculture.

“Malawi politics has ruined the economy of the nation. That is, politicians, especially those in leadership, or the governments in power have either abused or underused the resources; misused or misplaced the resources,” he said.




  1. Ufulu wa munthu kuvotela chipani ndi munthu akumufuna olo ikhale racism ndizimene wafuna komanso vutoli amaliwona ndiwoluzayo

  2. chatsitsa dzaye kuti njovu itchoke nyanga,ndichakuti chigawo chinachirichose kukumachoka candidate.ndiye wina aliyese akumavotera wakwawo.

  3. It is true that the human rights also not followed..
    I was talking to ESCOM technical person for the power supply in some indian area he was also talking about the same….which is imposible to understand the importance of the economy… can he ans that way….what short of policy is this…what king of the employee are they…what kind of politics in employees…..same to the production of it…..

  4. Aliyense Amapanga Chitukuko Kumene Amakhala.Munthu Ungamange Nyumba Yokongola Kwa Eni Kwanu Kuli Manyaka? Or A Chakwera Akadzawina Angadzalore Kwawo Ku Dowa Kudzanyase Adzakongolese Ku Mulanje? Kwa Ma President Onse Amene Alamulira Mbuyomu Amene Adalibe Sankho Adali Bingu Wa Mutharika Basi Chifukwa Adalibe Mbali A Peter Ngakhale Akupanga Zitukuko Koma Ndi Ndale Zimenezi.A Bingu Aakafika Pa Msonkhono Ankati”tiyende Pamodzi Nd Mtima Umodzi…..Malawi Tiye….DPP…Tiye… Osati Manyaka A Masiku Ano Ongochulusa Kunyozana. Tiyeni Tizingoziyana Abale Anga Ndi Zapadziko Izi Wathu Ukubwera Wa Yesu Khristu Wamuyaya!

  5. Its True Becoz Presidents Nowadays Love Where They Come From And Obviously They Dont Take Care To Developing Our Country But Like To Say Foolish Words To Their Friends. I Respect Late President Bingu Wa Mutharika When He Was At Crowd People,he Used The Word “tiyende Pamodzi Ndi Mtima Umodzi” This Words Is A Palatable Scenario To Us.So Iam Swear!Certain! That Nowadays Politics Will Be Continue Intolerance Becoz Of This Situation.

  6. Not only politics, talk of the nation as a whole. On employment if you come from… are finished, if … you pick that one no obligations. We cannot have development until this is changed.

  7. Thats why we are failing to move forward, and this will never end, but it favoures those who come from the Sourthen region of malawi because the population of malawi majority are from sourthen region!

  8. In 1994. One, Dr Bakili Muluzu, won 12 seats in central Region, and lost 6, in Nsanje and Chikwawa. Then He got a total of 84. In 1999, a Chair penetrated further, because Vice president Justin Malewezi Won his seat in Ntchisi, Baba Tembo campaigned for UDF presidential candidate in Dedza. A chair scoped about 95 seats to 61. In 2009. Bingu scoped all seats in central region except 23 from Lilongwe rural, Dedza and only one from Dowa. At least people from central region appreciated Bingu’s work of his hands for renovating the capital, 5 star hotel, Kamuzu memorial pillar and grave, Kamphata Nkhoma Road, Mponera-Ntchisi Road.
    However, after following several elections since 1994, I realise people in central region except Lilongwe and few areas in Mchinji, are able to go for a leader who is able to deliver and not on party lines. People in south are united behind who they believe is good leader. They went for Bakili in 1994. It was unity for change. North went for Chihana. Unity of purpose. Central except Salima, NkhotaKota, Ntheu who have been opting for change from MCP rule, still trail the MCP. In 1999, two candidates from south competed. However people voted not for leaders but parties. MCP/AFORD coalition did not work.. Kkkkkkkkkkkk.. Yes it is regionalism that plays when candidates fail to convince voters on personal envounter. Let us therefore learn to look for best candidates. Not parties. Candidates who have good CV. CV means background. Malawi will develop.

  9. Ntumbuka kungolowa mbwalo mudziwe kuti nonse akummwera ndi pakati muli mmadzi,chifukwa chilichonse chidzakhala chathu ndi oyitanila ma minibus omwe adzakhala atumbuka samalani

  10. nkhani koma imeneyi.Anthu opusa inu kodi simudawerenge mau a mu buku lopatulika kuti mu nthawi ya Moses,Aron ana a Isalaeli anakana mulungu kuti awasogolere pa ulendo opita ku kenani.Ndikuuzani bwino za mneneri Danieli zomwwe adalosela kamba ka ma ufumu omwe tiri nawo lero.We are living in a politically divided world.The question is why?Dont point a finger at any body here.Ozindikira azindikire .

  11. This will never change, Bingu tried his best to develop Lilongwe bt due to regionalism politics, still central idiots hated him.
    Lets accept it, we’re in ajet world

  12. We need to be nationalistic in our thinking, whereby we should be mindful that to love your country above your party and region or tribe, in 1994 the genocide that happen in Rwanda which killed 800,000 people Tutsis and moderate Hutus by heartless politicians on both sides who wanted power, politics is about ideas and you sell the best idea to the people, so next time if i want a job i should not be asked where i am coming from?(Tribe or Region)

  13. Njala singathe Chimanga chambiri chimalimidwa pa chigawo chapakati,koma nthawi zambiri fetelizerwambiri amapita kumwera pofuna kuwasangalatsa.Njala ikavuta anthu amenewa amapulumukira pa chigawo chapakaki komwe amawakaniza feteleza.Mchifukwa chake anthu samuyiwala kamuzu chifukwa chimanga chimapezeka mma admac onse komanso mmaboma onse osatengela kumakondela alomwe. Kodi misonkho amakhoma ndi alomwe okha?Chonde akumipando poyendetsa dziko tiziwopa Mulungu.

  14. Regionalism is deeprooted in the southern region, when it comes to voting. In the northern region we do vote for a presidencial candidate from central or southern region. Pple in the central are somehow civilized bcoz they do vote for someone either from the northern region or southern region but anthu akumwera they dont vote anyone either from north or central region , they always vote for someone from the south. Now with the coming of peter mutharika regionalism, nepotism and tribalism have become worse. Malawi is more divided now than ever before. Soon in this small country, new countries will be born we are not united. Chitukuko chikumapitanso dela limodzi komwe kukuchokera president.

    1. Anthu akubwela sanvela nfundo koma muthu ndichifukwa tiri mmavuto omangovotela zosaziziwa kungochokela uko mmalawi sanakhare bola akuti waku chiladxulu mmalo movottela achina marewexi momwe akuziwa dare zapamalawi kupusa

    2. True sister Doreen. Pena anthuwa amangovotapo bola munthuyo ngwakwawo or akhale kuti alibe mfundo zotukula dziko. Amafuna president azichoka kwawoko just for prestige.

    3. Koma tikanakhala osazindikila bwazi tikuvotera zipani zakonkuno. Kuti nafe tikhale regional block. Koma timavotera zipani zakwanuko chfukwa we just want to support. We are not regionalistic like you guys. Aford inatha bcoz we dont vote for it.

    4. A Chawinga u have tried all u can to attack southerners. Your claim that u people from north are civilised that u vote for people from south and central is justified coz for the past two elections, north did not come up with a strong candidate to compete with those from Central or South so u did not have a choice. However,if someone can analyse the 2014 tripartite election he can conclude that in all regions of Malawi people voted on regional lines. JB though from south did very well in north because she has a husband from north and up to now North is PP stronghold with MCP on second coz they have a party VP from north. Come to Central, no matter how hard u convince them they will still vote for MCP regardless of the credibility of the candidate. The same here in the South we will always vote for someone from here unless a miracle happens.

    5. Am not attacking southerners, what i hav said is what they really do. If you remember in 2009 north voted bingu who was from the southern region. Jb is also from the south and she was then the running mate. Pple in the central region though they vote mcp but sometimes they do vote dpp evidenced by the last by elections in mchinji where a dpp candidate scooped about 4500 votes. But in the southern region kakaka kuvotera dpp or asakupaseni chitukuko you dont care bola the president comes from there. Be civilized pliz, kumalawi titati tasintha utsogoleri pazisankho zinthu zikhoza kuyambanso kuyenda bwino. To hell with corrupt leaders who care about themselves and their families

    6. Yes u voted for Bingu in 2009 because u did not produce a presidential candidate to compete with the likes of JZU and Bingu. The other reason why Bingu was a favorite even for u was that during his first term he transformed this country economically and also socially meaning that u could not do otherwise but going for him. Come 2014 u showed ur part of regionalism by massively voting for JB regardless of her poor two year tenure that saw public funds squandered at capital hill. The same happened in the Central they voted massively for Dr Chakwera even though we did not taste his style of leadership at state level. Talking of DPP getting 4500 votes in Mchinji by election, that only does not justify the people of Mchinji or central as whole to be civilised as u claim. What we are saying here is voting to win a seat. They tried to reclaim the seat and u can see the difference between the MCP candidate and his opponents. There is a big big gap of votes. So don’t tell me that there is no regionalism there. In fact, in Mchinji there was no candidate from south and north. They were all from Mchinji and Central. In this regionalism context the Mchinji case is not applicable.

    7. Ok in mchinji there was no candidate from north or south, then why dont you pple vote mps or councillors of other parties from the north or centre. You go to the north you will find a dpp mp there, like wise in the central region but ku south can i find an mcp mp or aford mp or councillor. We hav to let democracy rule not regionalism.

    8. Its funny that u expected to have a member of parliament or a councillor of MCP or Aford in the South when u did not field one candidate in the first place. Tell me in which constituency in any district in the southern region MCP had their representative in the just ended general elections? If u had one maybe it would have been understandable but the whole MCP failed and they concentrated on central meaning that they also know people in central will vote for them no matter what. But am glad we are the beneficiary of this regionalism. We will always conquer Malawi

    9. Oh i forgot to say this. The fact that MCP has a president from the central does not make it a party for central region alone. The same with DPP, PP, UDF or AFORD.

    10. Intact pipo in phalombe where I stay have no hospital, no tarmac road koma all MPS ndi a DPP ndipo sangavotere wina pa DPP ticket olo patayima packet ya chibuku atha doesn’t help them ,govt doesn’t consider them akudziwa kale kuti olo titatani uku tidzawina kkkkkkk sometimes I be learnt to be in opposition zimakuyendela.mW sadzatheka ndi tsankho

    11. Yes i agree with you that we should let democracy to rule not this regionalism thing. However, we should also appreciate that people vote on the basis of candidates’ manifesto. The one with a better manifesto will always win the hearts of voters.

    12. Thats true faith, maboma ngati phalombe ukuku uku dpp imaziwiratu kuti zivute zitani tiwina nde or asapangeko chitukuko sipakhala vuto. @ Joseph u cant tell me that ma candidate azipani zina onse amakhala opanda mfundo ayi koma kungoti anthu amavotera chipani not munthu kapena mfundo zake. Chifukwa cha kavotedwe kokondera chipani mwina nchifukwa chake zipani zina sizipanga field ma candidate ao kumwera.

  15. In as far as democracy is concerned divisions are inevitable. Even in America there are some states pro republican and some states are pro democrat! It just take the citizens to know their agenda and forget the polling day but forging ahead as a nation. We need to know that we are malawians first and party member later. No matter how sweet it is to support the party we need to understand malawi shall never change. However, it begins with us to narrow the rivalry. God bless Malawi.

  16. anthu andale muzatokota kutopa palibe chizakuthekeleni chomwe anthu azati koma apa ndiye zili bwino….miyambo ananena kale kuti wina polamula apweteka olamulidwa ndipo Yeremiyaso anati sikwamunthu kulongosola mapanzi ake….ku USA timati mayiko apamwamba olamula dziko lonse mavuto thoo pano kulephela kusankha imodzi pa awiri kadzi ndi mwamuna…ndale ndimanyaka basi…andale ndimbuli zophunzira.always is dirty game.amene akulamula timangosata Aroma 13v1…….. Kumasika kumvela basi bola zisasemphane zomwe Mulungu amafuna apo timayendela Machitidwe5v29 tiyenela kumvela Mulungu kuposa anthu.

    1. Regionalism is deep rooted in the southern region, when it comes to voting. In the northern region we do vote for presidecial candidates either from the central or southern regions. Likewise those in the central region do vote for someone from the southern region, but anthu akumwera they dont vote for anyone either from the north or central region. Now with the coming of peter mutharika, regionalism, nepotism and tribalism hav rechead all time high. Malawi is more divided now than ever before. Soon dziko ili lizagawidwa we are not united.

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