‘Too much politics in Malawian football’ – Max Kapanda


Not even Super League of Malawi (Sulom) can convince MTV Maxi Bullets owner Maxwell Kapanda to rescind his decision of pulling his team out of the ongoing TNM Super League as he has maintained his stand saying there is too much politics in Malawian football.

Kapanda told a local radio station on Thursday morning that whether Sulom intervenes or not, he has no intentions of reversing his decision saying politics has engulfed Malawian football such that Sulom favors the so called ‘big teams’ at the expense of small teams.

MTV Maxi Bullets

MTV Maxi Bullets announced leaving the super league.

“I am not changing my decision, period. I am done with football and I don’t want to get involved in football anymore. Malawian football is full of politics so it’s better to concentrate on other issues rather than wasting my money on football,” he said.

And when asked on the future of players who were playing for the team, he said:

“I don’t care at all. If the players suffer, it’s not my fault, it’s Sulom’ fault because I did nothing wrong in Lilongwe and I was willing to go back to play with Epac FC again but what I received from Sulom was a hefty punishment plus losing three points to Epac so I have had enough, I am no longer into football again, I am done for good,” he continued.

He also advised soccer administrators to start treating teams equally saying there is no such a thing as ‘big or small teams’ in Malawi.

“Smaller teams are being ill-treated by our administrators who always favor big teams and in the process, treating us like nobodies so if we are to have an improved league, teams must be treated equally,” he concluded.

Kapanda shocked the soccer fraternity when he stopped his side from travelling to Chitowe Stadium in Nkhotakota for two Super League fixtures against Mafco FC and Dwangwa United.

It followed a decision by Sulom to fine Max Bullets K700,000 for causing an abandonment of a league match between the former and Epac FC last month. Sulom claimed that the club violated article 21 (8) of Sulom’s Rules and Regulations.

As if that was not enough, Sulom slapped Kapanda and Max Coach Trevor Kajawa with a K150 000 fine each for committing various offences during the fracas that led to the abandonment of the match in the 19th minute when referee Leo Ngoleka, who had blown his whistle for a free kick to the home team, surprised everybody when he awarded Epac FC a goal against his earlier decision of awarding them a free kick.

And reacting to the charges, Kapanda withdrew his team from the league saying his efforts of developing football in Malawi are being frustrated by the soccer administrators who are always pulling him down.

Sulom then tried to convince Kapanda to rescind his decision by engaging him in a meeting but nothing fruitful came out of the meeting as he branded them ‘betrayers’ for not fulfilling what they promised him.

Kapanda then allowed his team to forfeit points to Mafco and Dwangwa United last week.

Max Bullets’ next assignment is against Moyale Barracks at home next week but with the latest development, the Mzuzu based Soldiers will be awarded free points as per Rules and Regulations governing Sulom.

Meanwhile, Sulom is yet to comment on the latest development.



  1. Once upon a time,there was DEDZA YOUNG SOCCER. They were iltreated and went to Court for Justice. But what happened, Sulom oppresed them. So Max, fare thee Well ku Worldko.Sulom isova

  2. Mudzitipatsako Mwayi Ovotanawo Zisakho Za Fam Or Sulom, Tikanakoza Zithu Zikuti Pweteka Kwambili Ife Timalipila Pa Get Komabe Tikungoonela Zimodzimodzi Palibe Chikusitha Mpila Wachitsamunda Basi Kodi Tingot Bullets, Noma Basi Mpaka Liti Zopusa Panyopanu Tatopa Nanu Shupt

  3. These so called football adminstrators they are just after money why charging a poor team like Max bullets that much after all where do these money go to?

  4. But that’s not the best way of quitting …if max had problems with football administration he could have choose a good platform

  5. Eish, leave Walter Nyamilandu out of this. After all he does not look after Sulom issues. Its Mr. Botoman, Sulaiman, Williams Banda who care for superleague if you don’t know. These are people who are spoiling game of football. Kapanda is right to abandon

  6. Thanks Mr Kapanda you have tried you’re level best to put Malawi footballer in high level on a map,koma vuto akapanda bowa ali mdziko moni ndi amene akutsokoneza.

  7. Sulom’s decision is bringing football behind, the way they are doing,local football sponsors will no longer come up and start sponsoring football, why punishing him like that as if he was benefiting from it? Nonsense adm.

  8. Malawi sazatheka amapeleka chilango kwa osalakwa pamene olakwayo amadziwa ekha kt olakwa ndiine sibwino koma nzadziko lapansi zimenezi kumwamba kulibe solom

  9. KAPANDA usanamepo apaaa wawonaa kuti watuluka kalee mu ligi wapeza ponamizira!!! Malamulo a mpira ndi womveka bwino kuti mukatuluka monyanyala mnground nthawi isanakwane mumayenera kulandira chilango!!! KOMANSO nanunso a FAM kaya SULOM chilangochi chinachulukaaa

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  11. KuFAM ku SULOM kwagona zamanyi, akuononga mpira, yaBWANYA alikut? Zilango zakuMAFCO nd BULLETS zidaenda bwa? Zachnyengo zokhazokha, mpira suzatukuka kumalaw

  12. I supprt kapanda 100% this guy is fighting for our soccer, and l bealive sulom and referees are coniving on the back doors, so that a referee should make a delibert mistake, and if the team or suppoters shows their vebal and physical anger, they are punnished by payment no wonder nobody knows where these moneys goes.there are alot of punnishment given in football and is only in malawi that every wrong doing ends in paying of money then its over, sulom is rotten and the referees are corrupt and few of them knows there job no wonder they cant officiet other leagues in the continet of africa.

  13. Thanks Mr Kapanda, u r big a man and u have shown maturity for making the right decision at the right time. These r cruel pipo and apapa akufuna akukaweni ndalama zanu bwana mwachita bwino bwana ino sinthawi ya yes bwana nthawi ya asamunda idatha yokolola pomwe sudalime. Fosake!!!!!! Akagwere anthu akuba.

  14. Am bullets fun but what kapanda did it’s nice decision fam and sulomu they have same teams they support so no wonder Zambia, Zimbabwe there doing well than us,

  15. Kodi mumati mukudyanso za kapanda? Komatu wakana nazo ndalama zake Ngati simubela ma timu fotokozani komwe zikupita ndalama zomwe akhala akulipira matimu

  16. I gree wth Mr kapanda Komanso amalawi tili nd vuto lalikulu ndthu timalekelera zinthu zikuonongeka kumadzandaula zitayamba kutulutsa fungo .Kodi si Amalawi tomwe timawasankhanso anthuwa nkuwaika mipando chisankho chikabwela?Kodi sitidziwa kut nd anthu oononga?Kodi Nyamilandu anamusankhanso nd ndani?Kod si ife tomwe?Tsono lero nkumadandaulanso?Amalawi kugona too much

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  18. Very good decision from kapanda sizomangoba ndalama zamateams mkumakalipilila ana anu fees ku school zapamwamba zimatikwana evert season team mpaka ilipileko basi

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  20. I totaly agree with Mr Kapanda’s well thought decision he made, Malawi’s Football Administrators are destroying our football due to biasness and favourism why punishing a victim and protecting an offender? What role is played by the referee during match time ,isnt it commanding every motion of a player in the field of play? Now if the referee who is officiating the match blows a whisle for a foul, which player is allowed to keep on playing,if no player is allowed to play after a whisle is blown how could an Epac Player score so this was a complicated and comfused decision made by the referee so why sparing him ,If Sulom And National Referees Association of Malawi were incorrupt they would understand Kapanda’s complaint, Bravo Kapanda Keep The Fire Burning WE R Behind You Sir!!!

  21. kkkk anthu asiya onse kutukula mpila kumalawi,Josaya ,yabwanya ,kapanda.onsewo ndiwolakwa ?.ganizani bwino anthu muli kuntundako.mukutiphela mpila kumalawi ,mpila ukamasangalatsa anthu owonela nawo amasangala koma zomwe mukupanga mmmm mizimu yikwiya nanu.

  22. Thats Malawian football as you said mwina m’badwo winao uzakonza zinthu koma apa ndiye ee! Komanso fam president uzakasintha mwin azinazi zidzayenda

  23. Proud wth u Kapanda….this Malawi football body is useless and hopeless to its people……their there jst to punish teams not to improve football…….Go to hell! !

  24. mr kapanda made a right decision coz sulom imaopa kulanga ma referee,instead of giving right rulling akulimbana ndi kapanda yet iye uja amangofuna kuthandiza malaw footbal,,shame on malawi referees association,sulom as wel as big hypocritic and corruptive fish (FAM)

  25. vuto s mwn team vuto nd asogoleri anthuwa kma zomwe apanga awa max bullets sizabwno bcz kusia kumenya magam nd found inaso imeno amenya bwanj mpira mul ndale ngat akufuna agulise ma playz onse ku ma team ena ndalamazo akadyere xmass ikubwerai

  26. Zinthu mukamazilekelela zimafika pena poti simungatheso kudzipanga control. mkuluyi ndizowona league inamukulila komaso inu afam tenganipo phunzilo pa zomwe wapanga mkuluyi plz zinthu zisinthe tatopa nanu afam tsano

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