Dan Lu ready for launch of ‘Sweet Banana’ moves past row with ex-manager 


To those who follow music in the country, sweet Banana is not a strange word to hear in their ears for everything is set for the long awaited launch of the song to be held on this coming Sunday, 6th November 2016.

The composer and singer of the song, Dan Lu, who is also the organiser of the show has confirmed saying people should get prepared as everything is set for the show this coming weekend.

Dan Lu

Dan Lu moves on.

Despite the rumors that have been making rounds about the wrangles between Dan Lu and his former Manager Chris Sisquo of Sisquo Entertaiment, the show will still take place following a resolution that came after lawyer of Dan Lu and Sisqo met.

According to reports that Malawi24 has, Dan Lu is no longer part of Sisquo and the contract he signed with the record Label is not binding anymore.

Speaking on one of the local radio stations Dan Lu said Nigerian artiste K-CEE is coming in the country on Friday 4th November through Kamuzu International Airport.

In his words the Chilobwe Blantyre based artist assured Malawians that despite the disagreement between Sisqo and K CEE’S manager, the Limpopo his maker has already processed his Visa and all necessities like accommodation and payments for him have been done.

The show will see Malawian Sir Patricks, Don Kalonga, Piksy, Zambian Organised Family and Nigerian K CEE sharing stage on this day.

Meanwhile Dan Lu has called all entertainment lovers in the country to come in large numbers to witness the great performance of the duo on stage.



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  2. Verse ya K-CEE ija ndye ili ya bho osati za CHE DANIYELE,,,,,nanga kumati “,Babie let meeee knoww sweetbanana babie let me knoww sweetbanana,,,sindimakwananitsakwanitsaaaaaaa sweetbanana” it doesnt make any sense

  3. being out side of the my country and see my own home bway liking that song with kcee it’s was epic…..keep it up boy take it to the we are behind you on the way up.

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