3 November 2016 Last updated at: 12:29 PM

30 netted in a sweeping exercise

…more exercises this Festive season

Police in Bvumbwe have arrested 30 people in a sweeping exercise which was conducted during the night of 1-2 November ,2016 within Bvumbwe policing area.

cuffsLimbe police Public Relations Officer Assistant Widson Nhlane confirmed of the incident. Nhlane said that the suspects have been charged according to their crimes.

” They have been charged with robbery , robbery with violence ,theft , receiving stolen property and rogue and vagabond” He explained .

Police say the exercise was meant to put to an end criminal activities around the area.

Nhlane has since said that more exercises will take place this Festive Season.

Bvumbwe policing area covers ,Bvumbwe court ,Thunga ,Bvumbwe trading centre .

In a related development CID officers from Limbe have arrested 12 suspects for offences of robbery with violence , theft by trick and operation of businesses without a licence.

The suspects will appear in court soon to answer to charges against them.

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