Frozy manufacturer hits back: ‘Our drinks conforms to regional standards’


Mozambican company Yaafico Industrial, which makes the Frozy brand of soft drinks, has rejected claims by the Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBS) that the Frozy drinks do not meet the standards laid down by the Malawian authorities.

The MBS banned the selling and importation of Frozy saying the drinks contain high levels of citric acid and the food preservative sodium benzoate.

Frozy got banned in Malawi.

But according to media reports, Yaafico Industrial has claimed that its drinks conforms to regional standards and are certified by, and frequently analysed by, the National Food and Water Hygiene Laboratory (LNHAA) of the Mozambican Health Ministry.

The company also claimed that in the last analysis, in August, and in all previous ones, the levels of acidity detected were in conformity with the standards demanded by the LNHAA, and throughout the southern African region.

The company said it could show some documents indicating that Frozy has a certificate of quality issued by the Mozambican Ministry of Industry and Trade and collaborates regularly with the National Inspectorate of Economic Activities (INAE).

Yaafico also protested that it had never been asked by the Malawian authorities about the quality of its products. The company accused the MBS of bad faith, since it should have notified the Mozambican authorities about the matter, under the trade protocol of SADC (Southern African Development Community).

The company says it intends to appeal against the MBS decision, in order to “restore the truth” about its products.

When announcing the ban, MBS said it inspected samples of Frozy and found that the level of citric acid in the drinks ranged from 2,240 to 5,376 mg/kg compared with a permitted maximum of 3,000 mg/kg.

Following the ban, MBS director Davlin Chokazinga said the bureau will conduct sweeping exercises through its market surveillance activities in due course to ensure that the product is removed from the market.

He said anyone found stocking, distributing or selling the product after the announcement shall be penalized and prosecuted in accordance with section 44 of the MBS Act (Cap 51:02).

Malawians have also been asked to desist from buying and consuming the product forthwith until the MBS verifies through further conformance assessments the shortfalls of the drink.



  1. as I am leading this news my second frozy bottle on my mouth kukoma azanga inu ooooooh like…….. eeehhhh aaahhhh ndipumile kaye kumwaku. ndayenda zed sindinavepo kuti munthu wafa atamwa ndi frozy koma ndi kachasu ndiye inu a MBS can u list 8 effects of drinking frozy (800 marks) mukapanda kuyankha ndibwera konko mxieeeww tikabe kuti lilemele????chonde nafe tinenepeko eeeeeh?????

  2. Kodi frozy yo akumadzakuodetsani mma shop mwanu..kapena mukuwalondola nokha a ku moshiko wo? ?? Think twice mbs before tarnishing their products. ….ife ndiye timamukonda frozy yo…musatikhomelere iyaaaaaa! !!!!!…
    ….pezani njira zabwino pa nkhani za misonkhoyo…osatii muzitiopseza kuti frozy atiphaaaa..jealous bwanji? ?????

  3. Ku Malawi they don’t like competitors when it comes to big companies, yayenela company ina yagwaza msomali pamenepo kuti frozy asowe. Zaka zose m’mbuyomu ikangofika nthawi yotentha zakumwa zawo zimasowa ndipo zikapdzdka zivindikilo zake zimakhala zadzimbili which poses a health risk to consumers but not even a single day the authorities came in to rescue its citizens on this, while for frozy it’s where they have find a health hazard, shame. Instead of working on how they can maximize revenue on frozy they’ve decided to ban it.

  4. akulu akulu aku Malawi ndi ofoyila froze is good drink ofinika akutsekereni njira mwina muzindikire mafuta amadutsa komweko jerasi lekani world compition

  5. Olo MBS munene kt tisamwe frozy,sizingatheke ife tizimwabe ndipo frozy azibwerabe Juno,bwanji mukulephera kuthana ndi anthu ogulisa mankhwala ozunguza bongo

  6. Ma Company Akumalawi Kuno Katundu Wanu Mungokweza Mitengo Mene Mukufunila Nde Mumati Titapeza Za Mitengo Yabwino Tisamakaode? Frozy K200/ 350ml While Fanta K250/ 300ml Which Z Better To Buy? Frozy Tikumwa Mpaka Mutasisa Mitengo Ya Zakumwa Zanuzo.

  7. MBS must be careful here.Frosy may nstitute legal proceedings against them for such outburts which may be understood to tarnish the image of the Mocambican company.

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  9. Malawi sadzathekaso pangani zanu zipose pamenepo ukhala mpikisano wabwino , musamatigulitse zanu zosapangabwinozo chifukwa choti mukapeleka chiphuphu ku MBS zopusa

  10. Mwana wako ngati akudyesedwa mbewa pomwe iwe siumadya mbewazo uyenelera kumulesa kt asadwe
    Siungasiilire kt azidwesedwa mbewa pomwe iwe ukuona kt zibwelesela mavuto
    Ambs sanalakwise chifukwa ndi tchito yao kuteteza Ife omwe tisamazindikira choyenela kt tizidya ndipo asalekele

  11. The Big Issue Is Jealous Bcoz U Manufacturing Good Drinks That Southern Bottlers Who Manufactured Fanta Cocala And Many Malawians Likes Frozy Than Fanta

  12. Amalawi ambirife sitikonda dziko lathu. Tingoyang’ana kutsika mtengo ndi kuchuluka kwa zokumwazo basi. Southern Bottlers siikuopa mpikisano because SOBO siyomwe yanena zoti frozy ali ndi vuto. Abwere apa afotokoze momwe achitira a MBS. Komanso akupereka msonkho wochuluka bwanji woti uthandize kuno. Ndimomwe tikichitiramu tisayembekezere kuti Malawi angakwere, kuti Kwacha ingadzuke. Amalawi dziko lathu tikulichitira nsanje tokha. Tili kalikiliki kunyoza kampani yathu Yomwe yalemba ntchito abale athu komanso yomwe ikupereka msonkho ndikuyesetsa kuti kwacha isachite kutheratu koma tikukweza kampani yoti siyakuno komanso yomwe ikulephera kufotokoza bwino zomwe zili mu frozy bwinobwino.

  13. The embargo was aimed at promoting local industrial which is applicable, but on the ground of interdependence that has an adverse impact. The authorities must settle that issue diligently.

  14. Ya flozy ndiwabwino kungoti anthu ndioipa welcome sobo competitor, welcome home bwerani muzasegule company kuno Ku Malawi welcome ma investors

  15. malawi goverment could u pliz lure yaafico industrial to malawi to start manufacture frozy and fizz here in wil create unnecessary animosity between u and mozambican government and this wil help u to create employment and forex externalization which is rampant in bringing in this product

  16. Mbs is full of nonsence,dare is nothing wrong wth frozy only dat Sobo is running away from competition,bt wat dey should know is dat dare is no bussiness wtht competion.Sobo has failed us wth dare expensive soft drinks, And also Sobo must knw dat we consumers we lyk 2 buy a soft drink wth empty bottle

  17. Sitingafe chifukwa chot alesa frozzy. Takhala til moyo nthaw yonseyi besides anthu akumozambiki nd a nkhaza hvy akhoza kumangothila zma acid ngat battery la galimoto.

  18. MBS stop tarnishing that company’s name with your blatant lies, you think we don’t know that it is SOBO behind all this??, their products stopped doing well on the market, people diverted their love to frozy, they couldn’t help but became jealous and made a complaint to MBS who came up with this crap! now tell those SOBO people to improve on their cleanliness, yes we understand recycling but their bottles are so unattractive! not appealing at all, especially the mouth of the bottle. do they ever clean them or they just pour in again?? so as you can see, it’s not that we are dazzled by your drink, no!, it’s because we don’t have an alternative, frozy was, so don’t take your customers for granted.

  19. The problem of Malawi industries they don’t want competitive market , they want panoplies and they forget that competitive market are important to the citizens and development of the nation. So frozy brought competition against SOBO soft drinks . Thus why…….?

    1. Man zizingatheke mukunenazi. Southern Bottlers has a monopoly which prevents other companies from producing soft drinks in Malawi. Foreign companies are only be allowed to sell but not to produce in Malawi. Nda malamulo achitsamunda, and for your information, Southern Bottlers is not a Malawian company. Kumazitsata zinthuzi.

  20. wanthu abamwa frozy,makonda makonda fisi adakonda mdima,dzuwa salozelana,alekeni anthu amwe mbambadi kutenthaku achotse ludzu,vuto ndi chiani? alikuti wafa ndi frozy?

  21. Nthawi yotenthayi kuwoda fanta and the like kudali kovutikila,frozy wachepesa vutoli.Malawi politics ndi chinyengo basi!Frozy yemweyoo Aasaa!

  22. Only what government should say is that, the soft drink seemed to have been smuggled and govt did not benefit on tax ( duty). Thats to me the point on all this ban.

  23. I’m agree so much with your post Michael Mkandawire, Nkani ndiomveka imeneyo, If they want to continue with their business to Malawi they must manufacturing their drinks in Malawi sothat they can boost our economy!! Than just selling to Malawi we don’t want to put down ourselves. We love our mother Malawi.

    1. We need pple like u in our countries. They must sell at least 40% of shares to Malawians. Have factories in Malawi to employ our own brothers and sisters like other companies. Pay tax and sponser activities eg netball,tenis,soccer in Malawi that is giving back to the community. Not just make money and go.

    2. Thats a good question. Shoprite is registerd by MRA. That means their products are being taxed and not all of their products come from SA but some they buy straight 4rm Malawian Farmers. They employed almost 85% employees are Malawians (job creation). They have a program that feeds orphans and health cares. They also contribute on Drought relief while they are being tax. They also gave an oppotunity to invest by selling shares to Malawians. Some of their products they buy from Malawian farmers. Some they sell in Malawi some they export to other countries were they dont have that product. Eg Malawian coffee is top class, Malawian tea and nuts they buy also. They also provide busaries to underprevilage students.

  24. Tikuziwa kale kut nkhani si ya kuwononga thupi ai kumaopa Mulungu a Malawi nkhani ndiya nsanje basi. MBS singayang’anire zinthu zolowa muno mpaka 3yrs asanakaziyese impossible.

  25. tisayang.ane kutchipa kwa zinthu kma quality. what quality is contained in Frozy? kunena zona frozy amawawasa and kuwawa mkamwamu ukamwa ndithu. Poti nawo a frozy zawapweteka sanganene zona zake and there isnt competetion btwn sobo and frozy for it is not processed here in Malawi. The fact is the fact.

  26. My good pipo is their anyone who is having frozy drink in his/her fridge since i know it has been banned coz i want u to kip for me. I want to test please coz am very behind

  27. Ku banner #frozz its the same kut malonda amowa achina shooter,win & the like athesedwe,and any product from chna should also hav 2b banned coz sikatundu aliyese ochoka kunja amapanga meet the #mbs demand.#amalawi sanje 2 much jst improve ur innovations 2 come up with quality products that can otherwise compete @ international level.

  28. If they claim that their drinks are perfect no problem, they must sell in their country not in Malawi
    please we don’t need them sell somewhere else/ they must come and operate here

  29. Dziko Lanthu La Malawi Flozy Ndi Fanta.Flozy 200,fanta 250 Ena 220 Kunena Zoona Fanta Akudula Kuposa Flonzy Apapa Market Yavuta Flonzy Asalesedwe Ndi Chakumwa Cha Bwino

  30. where were u frozy? i hav bn takn oder liquid like u of low quntity but very expensiv, ur arrivo frozy u r meetn ma life needs coz u r 350ml & cheap price impresiv me so i ‘ll NOT tolerat some1 2 stop me takin u. Makondamakonda oders lov win, shooter, rider, maya, red dee, kashasu, masese, mtonjan, chikomkean, zimdaure, thobwa etc koma ine ndakonda iwe frozy!

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  32. I don’t see any reason why the Government of Malawi banned frozy, in each and every business they must face competition and competition is there, and if Sobo was bright enough they must agree to take competition and they should improve their products and services by adding more quality, so that they have a duty to gain the market share………They must accept the challenge and join in with their players. Not failing to accept the challenges by the side of the market.

  33. Hay FROZY..bwera uzawone anthu mene akutupira ndi ma drink so called shooter…ku choka kwako kutisiyira umasiye ochuluka.come back pllz..osatipsera ntima ndife ana

  34. Kodi frozy akuvutayu amagulitsidwa zingati kumalawiko? Tonsefe timafuna kuzizilitsa kumero ndiye coca’fanta’etc zikudula kwambiri enafe ndamphawi tisiyireni frozy kaya atimpha ndiye kuti kunalembedwa please

  35. Aaaaa!chifukwa chani mwangoona frozy yekha?kodi mowa wochuluka ukupha aMalawiwu simukuuwona?tisiyeni timwe dzimenezi tione ngati tingatupe

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  37. The issue at play here is industrial sabotage.My wild guess is that someone who lost business with the influx of frozy drink is using MBS to take off frozy from the market. How many confectionaries have flooded our market under the watchful eye of MBS?Whats so special with frozy to deserve such a harsh treatment from MBS?What about the Mozambican liquor that has flooded our markets under the watchful eye of the same MBS?Why the double standards?Shame on MBS.

  38. Malawi wangooneka kuti ndi wansanje. Bwanji osatengerapo nzeru bwanji izi 1 frozy ndiochipa 2 ndiochulukirapo 3 botle la plastic subwedza. Ingopezani njira yabwino yopangira dzinthu zabwino kumakukaniza ndi nkhanza izi. Ufiti bas koma win ee zaziii

  39. Frozy is killing as. Since i started drinking. Frozzy i am weak nd i cnt peform in bed. Witch is bad for my young age. I am trying to take. More GONDOLOSI now myb it will help. So frozzy mast fall. Hey dnt start on me now.

  40. competition brings innovation, that is why tikuti malawi sizatukuka it is refusing competition which means it is refusing innovation as well . why cant they just innovate and move on the market like what their friends are doing. ine nasiya kumwa fanta ndi frozy basi. akanakhala shooter bwezi pano mutakandiika but up to now am still fit ndiye kuti alo bho.

    1. What i want to say is Sabs went procedures and register with MBS right. Why cant Frozy go that same way and register and pay tax that contribute Malawian economy and c if the price wil be the same. They must build factory in Malawi then employ Malawians then pay tax to Malawi goverment then the competition is fair. Frozy company is acutually killing Malawi economy. Now is Sabs close down their company, how many pple wil lose jobs. That means we have lost an investor ( As u know Sabs is under Delta company coca cola trademark. It is a multi national company). They might close down operation and go to other countries. While u encourage the goverment to attract investors,* u are allowing other pple to invest in Malawi without getting a tax that wil pay police,teachers, and any goverment infrastructure. Until when we rely on donors than for us to make money in our country that wil boost our economy. They must also have 50% Malawian share holders to boost Malawians. Thats why we wil remain poor til ever.

    2. not all things we use hear in Malawi have factories hear..zikhala za msonkhoso si nkani yovuta why dint thry discuss that with their fellows about the taxes than planting lies in peoples heads about frozy being too much acidic, zimenezo akanakambirana and see the way forward,

    3. why should they close down? do you mean pa markwt pasamakhale competition? nde bwezi ma company ambiri akutsekatu because of competition . kutsekako nde mphavu yothawa innovation yo. inu magulu oti mwatsegula shop nkutseka poti mwaona ena atsekulaso yawo close to you.. sititseka timangopanga innovate to fit the markert basi.

    4. How can u innovate if one company is paying tax and another is not? How can u innovate when one company create job oppotunity while another is not? So u are saying other companies who are paying tax must stop to fit the competition. What i want to say is let them in the country and pay rates/tax and c if the price will be the same. Of cause we can import products that we dont have in the country. That means i wil not pay tax and c how the goverment wil last.

  41. a MBS ndizitsiru za anthu.akuleka kuban KOMBUCHA JUICE chakumwa choti utamwa chimbudzi chake chonunkha ngati wamwa waini.akuka ban chakumwa cha bwino ngati FROZY.zopusa basi

  42. The Main Isue I C Is All About Tax Thats Wy Southen Bottes Had Chance To Corrupt Mbs, Simply Becoz They Are Paying Huge Taxy And Frozy Have Taken Their Maket That Makes Them To Lose , Thast Wy Mbs Have To Take Their Action

  43. Amalawi Nsanje ndi zinthu za amnzanu, koma kuti mupange zanu kukanikanso, mwa chitsanzo mu nyengo yotenthayi mumalephera kukwaniritsa demand ya zakumwa yomwe anthu akufunag, mapeto ake fanta yemweyi kumachita kusowa ngati nyanga ya njovu, amnzanu zakumwa zili mbwee ponseponse pamene inu zimakukanikani, shame on you!!

  44. I would go for frozy not coke coz apart from bottling coke their bottles are also used as a sexual satisfaction tool by some women in Malawi. And coke is expensive

  45. No option,MBS has it striken it right and at an opportune time.I sow frozy was posing some threats that could lead and jeopardize our beneficial companies like Sobo and mine.I can dare to stay away from FROZY but suicidal to see SOBO to opt for the extinction of fanta,Coco and sprite.I wish Frozy all the best as it sojourns in Mozambique.

    1. No bro frozy was selling kamuzu’s mcp era cards! I one day engage in dat business,yoo so hot! It is a petty jealous frm MBS,no hazardous to human beings as you claim!!!

  46. Hhahahaha mbs is croock why not ban pakistani beers like win, shutter which are killing citizens daily you take sober people for granted eti.. Zidakwa mukuziopa kuletsa mowa ukuwayetetsa ku maso uja

  47. Who doesn’t know that there is one big company with a colonial monopoly to manufacture soft drinks involved in this ban? Where is MBS when Malawians are eating rotten meat and near-expired food from supermarkets as well as all other food stuffs without any specifications at all such as freezes, thobwa, zigumu, mandasi, chakulamba, samoosa etc. The truth is that one big soft drink manufacturing company started making losses because of this frozy stuff. Because honestly speaking, from has taken over the market for soft drinks. Now they are trying to get the competitor out via some technical issues, kkkkkkk!

    If I was a Chief Executive of this big company, I could simply have borrowed a leaf from frozy by starting to manufacture low-budget beverages to reach out to the common man in the village. Honestly speaking any drink apart from water is dangerous, tisamanamizane. Ngati Cocacola timatsukira ma terminal a battery, what damage does it do to our bodies? I rest my case.

  48. Flozy ndi dilu MBS ikunama ndi msapha sothern Bottles szkuyenda coz mukuchuluka zelu.coca cola nde chimake cha acid mukufuna munene acid.zodula zochepa coca cola,fanta mukamwa bwezani bottle.flozy wambili ontchipa bottle stibweza.nde muzt

  49. Flozy ndi dilu MBS ikunama ndi msapha sothern Bottles szkuyenda coz mukuchuluka zelu.coca cola nde chimake cha acid mukufuna munene acid.zodula zochepa coca cola,fanta mukamwa bwezani bottle.flozy wambili ontchipa bottle stibweza.nde muzt

  50. eish apa aMalawi ayiyamba nkhondo imene sakudziwa kuti itha bwanji? ife tizingozitsatila kuti zitha bwanji? Coz a MBS akanakhala kuti ndi anzeru bwenzi atakambirana kaye ndi company ya Frozy zokhuza ma acid awowo osangofikra kupanga ban ai apo ndiye analakwitsadi

  51. to hell with your frozen kaya mukuti frozy we don’t give a damn, ngati kwaoko zili bwino ife zisatikhudze tabhana tabhana basi, kwathu kuno sizabwino, period….

  52. kodi flozy ineyo ndikamamwa amarowa m’mimba mwanu kufa saferana ngati flozy amapha sindiye kuti apha inuyo ngati muribe ndarama yogurila flozy shauri yanu shatapu,.

  53. let us lov our nation by buyng our own local manufurcturng products, ths money used to purchase ths wat u call it Frozy is being benefited by outsiders. ths in turn makes our nation poorest of all. ofcoz MBS made t wrong to de general public on de resonz of de barn of dis drink. hwever, its my plea to #Yaafico_company to register their products to MBS otherwise they r against them.

    1. ofcoz yu r sayng truth my friend but wat am sayng z dat w shud atleast buy our local products coz de money remains in de country & u also benefit of it.

    2. local product like what? and how many can manage to buy SOBO products at k280 kwacha especially in the rural areas? while Frozy is at k180 or 200 in rural areas. and ine koyamba mudziwa frozy ndinamuziwira kumudzi and anthu akumudzi samakhala ndi ma empty coca-cola bottle kukagula ma fantawo kumawavuta .

    3. local product like what? and how many can manage to buy SOBO products at k280 kwacha especially in the rural areas? while Frozy is at k180 or 200 in rural areas. and ine koyamba mudziwa frozy ndinamuziwira kumudzi and anthu akumudzi samakhala ndi ma empty coca-cola bottle kukagula ma fantawo kumawavuta .

    4. you are the very same people who make a lot of noise that #Malawi is not meeting your demands yet you are buying unregisterd products from other countries. do you think Malawi can develop with this kind of unpatriotism?

    5. wen started buyin fanta..along tym ago..we t was @ 6 kwacha ntil wat kind of development z t bringin since dat time??..or u min if we buy now @280 dats wen t gona bring developmnt?.

    6. we already hav a sick development in malawi even titayakhula motan they wont be a change everbody want a change 4 malawi istead its goin worse….mbs,,should jus leave frozy alone,,,they ar more things @the market zothi azichose zomwe sizili good kwa munthu kuli ma spirits oti anachita kulemba 40% ABV..thats poizon guyz

    7. za monopoly mukufunazo mudzaona kuipa kwake zikadzafika pa escom no beta sevices since theres no competition.Competition is good it leads to production of quality products at reasonable prices.kumazionatu ndimaso atsogolo abale

    8. za monopoly mukufunazo mudzaona kuipa kwake zikadzafika pa escom no beta sevices since theres no competition.Competition is good it leads to production of quality products at reasonable prices.kumazionatu ndimaso atsogolo abale

    9. Zazii how many products on our markets are imported? Understand trade! Even your trousers its imported why didnt you bought locally made? Its quality! So don’t tell us nonsense things.Quality, volume, and range of Frozy tastes can not sastify our desire!

    10. genlemen, i do understand trade quite good, but de thng here is, wat prompted the MBS to intervn on Frozy yet we hav so many imported goods on our markets. had it been dat de Frozy company had followed all de procedurs to inroduce their soft drink in this country, defnetly there wud hau no ban. u must knw that theze r some of de key factors that gear down our little economy. let frozy b in our markets but they must respect all de procedurs required by MBS. zovala za akaunjika munenazo amapereka msonkho. musatinamizepo apa ayi.

    11. Look Maclean the drink itself has a problem of acid level against MBS standards. That has a side effects and ulcers. If the want to have a company in Malawi, they are welcom to come. They wil follow the procedure of paying tax, having at least 40% shares to Malawians, employ 90% Malawians. 2) the company is not contributing in Malawi economy. They dont give back to the community like companies we have in Malawi. Coca cola sponsors in sports and other activities in the country. We have Carlsberg trophy. So we must benefit to boost our economy. Kwacha ikugwa day by day. We need competition of products in the country but that must be by law.

  54. Hey MBS why not ban the cheap beer people sell here in malawi which is not good to our healthy? Don’t disturb us we want more Frozy than beer please do something else we are destroyed by this beer called win win,shooter aaaaaa you please frozy is just a soft drink I love it.

  55. The issue here is about Southern bottlers not MBS….NOOOOOOOO!!!malawi will never develop if this kind of corruption continues. ..if southern bottlers sees that there is stiff competition with FROZY then they should look into there prices of there drinks. are killing us with your exorbitant prices as if you are importing your fantas/coces/sobo….think about it….and we need companies like YAAFICO INDUSTRIES to come and invest in malawi and lets see if SOBO can withstand the competitor. …This is a wake up call to both Malawi bureau of standards and Malawi Government. …Bravo YAAFICO INDUSTRIES….COME TO MALAWI WITH YOUR FROZY DRINK AND WE WILL HIGHLY SUPPORT YOUR PRODUCT AND PLEASE DON’T FORGET TO SUE MALAWI BUREAU OF STANDARDS.

  56. Frozy Is The Mwekable & Cheap Drink Than Those From Southern Bottlers. Musakhomerere Ngat Mufuna Mungositsa Mtengo Zosakoma Zanuzo Kut Anthu Azikwanitsa Kugula

  57. Koma m’malawi sadzatheka,if mbs says there z mo acid in frozy drnk,it means thy thnk much about malawians.kod wina atapezeka nd matenda acilendo cifukwa drnkyi mungadandaule?komanso they r nt payng taxes MRA igwire ntchito yake m’ma boda onse

    1. Mr Banda. Pple only look one side of this frozy drink. Does this company employ Malawians? Does this company contribute to our economy? Does this company allow 50% of its share holders to Malawians. If pple had side effects who is going to spend money in hosiptal?(its goverment) while frozy just makes money without safety of Malawians. If they can register with MBS i am sure they wil reduce acid %. This is also damaging our economy as a country. Come on Malawi lets not lose investors that we have already to company that does not help our economy.

  58. Its a mission for southern Bottlers to ban frozzy, it is killing their bussines, frozzy is taking place everywhere now , they made this deal with MBS to ban frozzy since it is marketable than they expessive drinks!

  59. Frozy is cheap and timagula together wth abottle so ngati mukufuna ku baner frozy,,fanta we should buy at k200 and stimabweza bottle!! Komanso azidzazamo like frozy.

    1. Axe zomwe ukunenazo nzonad frozy akumatipasa mitengo yabwino sizathuzi kuDulitsa ngat nzakunya tizimwa frozy yemweyu izozama acid zo nzaku laboratery ndye ife timwe bas, mukazasisa kaya mmat ma fanta, coco ndizina ndizinazo tizasiya kumwa frozy

  60. Amalawi!! MBS ndintchito yawo kuteteza anthu awo ku zovuta zomwe zingabwere ndi zakudya. Palibe katangale apa. Andrew know this kuti ban imeneyi ikanachitikira zakumwa zathu KuMozambique’ko, kukanakhala kumenyedwa nkumenyedwa, zakumwazo nkumatiyayira. Koma lero tili pano kuchita defend zakumwa zomwe a MBS kuti zili ndi vuto ataziyeza. Zomwe a Mozambique akulephera kufotokoza bwino.

  61. NANDOS chicken is so expensive. its like their chicken lived a great life and grew up in a loving home with both parents and went to a private school…….

  62. Come on guys mukudandaula kuti dziko lathu kwacha ikugwa day by day. While u dont support yo products made in Malawi. U want to buy products from other countries of which they dont contribute in our economy at the same time they have not gone the same procedure like other companies who are paying tax and contribute our nation. Look at other countries they dont support our products. That means Malawi ndikumutaya kwama rejects. If it is good for them then let them sell in Mozambique. Or they have to be registerd like other companies who are paying tax. Tangoganizani pamsika ena akudula matickets amunicipal koma ena akungogulitsa without ticket. Amene sanadule ticket lacity or atsitse mtengo it doesn’t affect bcoz he didn’t pay fee. Lets not just oppose anything that comes. But lets think b4 we criticise MBS.

    1. We cud hav supported our own products, but there r so many reasons why we shun them. What can b good by supporting ur own products and at the end u become bankrupt? mind u we get funds differently, katundu wathuyu akudula udyo pamene frozy even wakumudzi akatopa ndi khasu cud atleast quench hz/ha thirsty with only k200 by buying frozy, and had it been it oz the reason as u hav just stated then they cud hav told us the truth, rather than cheating on us that it has a high concentration of acid, wat about coke? which is more dangerous interms acidity,,,


    3. I think we need to understand that price goes up becoz of so many factors. 1) if the goverment increase tax. 2) if the petrol,electricity goes up. If the company is running loss due to losing market eg to frozy who dont pay tax. If frozy want to be competing with Sabs, they must built a factory in Malawi. And employ pple 4rm Malawi. Then some of their fund wil be used in Malawi. That wil boost Malawi Kwacha. But if we want to buy untaxed products we are killing our own our country and boosting other countries while killing our economy. How can i buy chimanga 4rm somewhere while my brother is selling maize right here. Nanga ngati product yaFrozy is good why cant they sell to their country then pay tax there in Mozambique.

  63. Zakuja muno ayii ndipo ma Mamozambican amationjeza kwabaxi kutiotchera galimoto zathu frozy muno ayi zokumwa za mplastic mzoipa

  64. Tikamapanga zopusa ndi ziphuphu zizithera mmalawi momuno chifukwa anthufe tinazolowera, koma tikayamba ma international incidence tiziganiza kaye with full research, mbs ikunyoza malonda akumozambique, kuyiwala kuti malawi ndi land locked and 90% our of our goods pass through beira, ngati panali vuto la kalodwe kamalonda ndi ma tax osangokambilana bwanji, b4 kunyazisa malonda aanzanu tili ndi shooter opangidwa from enthanol policy ya mbs imati chani, kumaona kuti kodi zomwe tikuziyambazi ataluze kwambiri ndi ndani.

    1. Fodyayonso amayenera kudusa ku beira konko, nkhani ya frozzy amangoyenera kukambirana osati chipongwe anapangachi, kuvulanzanso mmalawi amene anaoda zambiriri, kuti a mozambique abwezere tingabangulenso ndife, pa john xeno itavuta moshco inadzimitsa magetsi amene john imagula…kkkk, sopano nawo akatenga industrial action ngati achitira a mbs, kuletsa katundu wathu kudutsa mumaport awo, si mavuto okha okha owayamba dala awa.

    2. Ziko la mozambique limafunika kuligwira ngati dzira, chifukwa relation ya malawi ndi moshco is not symbiosis but a dependance mozambique can do without malawi while on the other hand cant malawi do without mozambique. Malawi depends on mozambique for survival.

    3. ati chifukwa fanta ndi coco sidzimayenda malonda. for sure no company can produce something un standard then export it. kukhomerera basi, ndiye nanga mozambique ikanena kuti zonse zomwe zimafikila ku madoko awo to malawi its of sub standard zifune kolowera kkkkkkkk MALAWI IWEEEEE

    4. Handle with care? Anthu akhondowo. Sudziwa kuti akhoza kukuthira #machaka ngakhale utamwako ka fuloze kawoko. Moshico suyidziwa eti. Try 2go 2SA and pass thru dea country, u’ll see mbonawona

    5. Kukhala land-locked shldn’t be a reason. U mean kut olo atakukozerani chakudya chamabibi mutha kudya coz u live in a land-locked country. Nkhani niyakut a MBS amayenera akumane ni akampan ya Frozyyo kut afuse bwino za int’l standard akuinenayo. Coz kufufuza kumakhala kosiana malinga nizida zogwiritsa ntchito yofufuzayo. So osamangot land-locked** mudzalanditsa nazo mudzi zimenezo.

    6. Vuto lake nkhaniyi wayilowera, kumapeto, mbs have taken an industrial punishment without a proper research because ku botswana the same frozzy is been sold. Ukukamba za nego b4 action zo, thats what we have been recomending could have happened. Still next kumapeleka ma example proper to sudject being disscused nanga company ingapange bibi,.still these are just our opinions..kkkkk

    7. ayiwala kuti amapempha nawo magetsi ku moshko konko chonchi? tikhalira blackout wmweyu ngati joni imapereka ulemu ku moshko pa nkhani ya magetsi inu ndinu ndani mukhalira zi ma blackout zomwezo.

  65. kodi mukufuna kuti zinthu zambiri tizidalira kunja basi? apo apanga bwino a mbs, anthu amenewa ayenera azigulitsira ku mikanyela komweko. Komanso Anthu amenewa ndi ankhaza.

  66. Had it been that frozy is of low standards, then i couldn’t find it at the hightable in Gaberon Botswana when Botswana ministers were presiding over the ceremony commemorating world braless day

  67. Mocambican products are by far a mismatch to many of Malawian made products, thats why ours will not penetrate their market. Our beverages being protected by the MBS can’t command any market forces in Mocambique.

  68. Ngati mkotheka inu a company ya Yaafico mutatipangilako wambiri Frozy akufunika kuno timwe mu December maka wama grapes uja akhale ochulukilapo mubwelese pa magalimoto a Rhinamo muzatisiileko plz

  69. Akupaxan chan to publish ds nosense? Talexa talexa.. If ts oky 2 consume products wt acid ma levels ameneo kwao konko…. Muxatisokose ndi nkhani ya frozy, we’v got beta thngs 2 worry bwt. Maize for starters, than ds frozy crap

    1. imagini, amsuku afa ndi acid wa mu Frozy ndi anthu angati ndipo amene afa ndi shooter ndi anthu angati? after answering that question answer the qustion which drink needs to be banned.

    2. Haha Amene ds iznt personal, Ndalankhula maganizo anga… Uxandichukire nzeru, Usandiseke pakamwa. Akutitu ds product z bad 4 human consumption….Kma iwe kaka. Vuto ndcha? Ushasha or jst mere stupidty?.. Kapena2 Tzt ndinu distributor wa frozy M’Malawi muno? Mxiiw!

    3. Pempho Masese Banda i hear ew. All am sayin z dat, bad z bad no need 2 justify it… Tzimwa coz zna zoipa zilipo kale pansika? Z dat wat yo tellin me here?

  70. Company za kuno ku Malawi ndi za nsanje ndi katuka tidaona a escom , cocacola, achibuku kugula napolo co, ndudu zakunja, masachet amowa (ana akwanire) chamba . pitilizani ngati mukudziwa zina zoletsedwa

  71. Where’s Human Rights ppo? atiimilile a MBS akufuna kutiphela ufulu ife anthu ogula, we r the consumers and we dont c any problem with frozy,, we only c a problem when we take cocacola, shooter, combucha, win and the like, so why banning ths product instead of banning zotupitsa mimbazi

    1. I purely agree with you brother, Malawian face a lot of counterfeit products. We have fake toothpastes, fake products in all Chinese shops, fake blankets in all Indian shops, and everywhere fake fake fake fake and fake, why are they not serious on these products koma Frozzy basi? We also have some Malawian juices amangotenga freezes nkungomuyika mutimabotolo basi aziti drink yakwanila pa mtengo wa K100

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